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By Des Moines Dental / December 19, 2019

Reduce Teeth Decay Chances by Maintaining Proper pH Balance in the Mouth

The pH of the mouth plays an important role in the health of the teeth. A healthy pH balance in the mouth is vital for maintaining healthy teeth and p...

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Dental Health & Hygiene , Emergency Dental Pain Relief , Tooth cavity ,
By Des Moines Dental / November 20, 2019

Think of Prevention Before Tooth Cavity Pain Relief: A Dentist Speaks

Cure or precaution? We asked our dentists which is more important. A lot of emphasis was put on curing the symptoms and all agreed that educating the ...

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By Des Moines Dental / October 31, 2019

10 Secret Techniques to Have a Cavity-free Holiday

It’s Halloween; get your candy mode on! It’s Christmas; a glass of good wine keeps your spirits high! It’s New Year; end the year on a sweet n...

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