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Left untreated, infected gums and tissue can result in gum, tooth, and bone loss. A severe infection cannot be cured by brushing or even professional cleaning. We offer treatments such as periodontal scaling or surgery to effectively stop gum disease in its tracks while preventing it from causing more serious damage.

You should know that gum disease generally presents itself in two forms: gingivitis and periodontitis. In cases of gingivitis, routine brushing, flossing and deep cleaning are generally effective in curing the infection. Gingivitis that has been allowed to persist, however, becomes periodontitis, which is far more severe and requires more intensive treatment. This type of gum disease is also the one most threatening to gums, tissue and tooth retention. Call our office for a professional periodontists diagnosis and treatment plan today.

Note: As periodontal disease and heart disease are known to share similar risk factors, patients who have been diagnosed with heart disease are strongly encouraged to see a dentist for a full examination to determine whether or not gum disease is present and how to best treat it.