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Teeth WhiteningStained teeth cause many folks to hide their smiles from the world. Unfortunately, we hardly realize that a multitude of personal habits or underlying diseases may have stained our teeth to begin with! Hence, the DM Dental Group has created a unique method of teeth whitening for your perfect smile.

This unique treatment starts like any other cosmetic dentistry procedure. However, we know that the best teeth whitening is about personal responsibility and regular dental care. Our expert dental hygienist and dental care specialist understand that you can’t come in for teeth whitening procedures very often. Therefore, we have developed a method where you actively participate in regular cleaning.

We start by creating a special mask for your teeth, which is casted and molded to fit your teeth perfectly. The second stage is training you to apply the special medicated gel containing carbide peroxide. This active chemical is more efficient than hydrogen peroxide which many other dentists use.

We know that this is the best teeth whitening procedure because you learn to maintain and clean your teeth regularly. Regular application will not only clean your pearly whites; but also put you into the regular habit of brushing, flossing, and applying the whitening gel. Over time, you will have perfect and brilliantly clean teeth without needing any special bleaching agent.

Teeth Whitening Solutions to Suit your Lifestyle

Since cosmetic dentistry is a bit expensive, our teeth whitening service package is designed to be a more practical solution. Des Moines Dental Group offers effective teeth whitening solutions that are fit for your lifestyle. Whether you would prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home or want an option that would allow you to whiten teeth on the go, we can provide you the treatment addressing your needs. Here are the key teeth whitening options we offer:

Teeth Whitening
The system and procedures under DM Dental’s unique teeth whitening package include:

  • General Check-up and Dental Health Assessment
  • Casting a Bleaching Tray for Your Unique Dental Setting
  • Instruction and Training for Regular Self-Application
  • Three Week Check-up and Progress Assessment

Other related smile improvement procedures that you can request for:

  • Preventive Dental Hygiene Services
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
  • Smile Correction Procedures

Take Home
Custom Trays
Opalescence take-home whitening gel provides professional results and is great for people that prefer to carry out teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of their homes. The whitening gel in this product is delivered through custom-made trays, and the product comes in various flavors and formulations. You can pick up the easy to use, ready to go, Opalescence take-home whitening kit from your DM Dental office today!

  • Available in flavors: Regular, Melon, and Mint
  • Available in five concentrations for flexibility of treatment
  • Helps prevent shade relapse and dehydration
  • Tooth whitening gel has potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF)

Ready to Go
Disposal Tray
The Opalescence Go teeth whitening product can be easily carried along wherever you go as it is available in disposable, prefilled trays. With this whitening treatment, you can get whiter teeth in 5-10 days only. The wear times vary between 15 and 60 minutes per day. With no custom trays needed and availability in two delicious flavors, this teeth whitening treatment is simple, fast as well as great-tasting.

  • Available in flavors: Mint and Melon
  • Comfortable and sleek; adaptable for any smile
  • No lab time, no models, no impressions
  • Clear, discreet tray material
  • Tooth whitening gel has potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF)

Being rated as the best dentists in Iowa, we must ensure that our services are medically safe and effective. Therefore, the Des Moines Dental Group provides the best teeth whitening solutions according to specific characteristics of your condition:





Opalescence Teeth Whitening Solutions

Opalescence offers excellent teeth whitening results. Move the slider to see the remarkable whitening effects produced by the products.

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Stains from Smoking and Beverages:

Apart from nicotine staining your teeth, beverages like black coffee and tea, red wine, and sodas continuously stain your enamel. These types of stubborn stains often take several cosmetic dentistry procedures to get rid of. However, our best teeth whitening services along with a few lifestyle changes will guarantee a brilliant smile. You must apply our special teeth whitening gel for as long as you continue indulging in smoking and staining beverages.

Natural Teeth Coloration:

Many of our patients fail to realize that enamel also has a natural color tone. Like our natural skin tone, every person’s enamel material is a unique shade of white. Even the best teeth whitening procedures cannot change this natural coloration. However, stains and tartar deposits are quite different from natural coloration. Visit the Des Moines Dental Group for a better understanding of dental hygiene, safe teeth whitening, and effective cosmetic dentistry.

Possible Underlying Health Conditions:

Apart from stains from lifestyle habits and dietary elements, certain health conditions may also discolor your teeth. This is not the natural enamel color we have discussed earlier. Conditions like a weak liver, certain digestive imbalances, and several oral health conditions may also stain your teeth. You can keep these stains at bay with our unique self-managed teeth whitening procedure; then you can smile healthy and bright while you get the necessary treatment for your health problems.

The Des Moines Dental Group is reputed as one of the best dental clinics in Iowa for cosmetic dentistry. Schedule yourself for our unique Teeth Whitening procedure and reclaim a brilliant smile within days!

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Choose our Teeth Whitening Treatments over Off the Shelf Options

If you’re going to celebrate your big day soon, make sure you look your best that day. And this can only happen if you have a beautiful smile with clean, white, shiny teeth.

Des Moines Dental Group offers the finest teeth whitening treatments that can help you get pearly white teeth. Over the counter teeth whitening options may not get you the results you want. Come at our office and get in touch with one of our professional dental hygienists to see what kind of results we can provide you in as little as a week! Don’t risk not having your teeth as pearly as you dream on your wedding day by hoping that off the shelf options will work well. Get visible results with our teeth whitening applications that are easier to use than strips that cover only your front teeth.

If you have a friend or family member who’s getting married soon, and you’re preparing to flaunt your best look on the occasion, visit our office for a teeth whitening treatment rather than relying on any over the counter options.

With the beginning of the prom season, high school students would like to attend proms dressed well and sporting a great personality. Clean, shiny white teeth are an integral element of a good personality. So, before the occasion arrives, schedule an appointment to get your teeth whitened to have a perfect look on your prom day.

FAQs for Teeth Whitening Services:

Q: How is DM Dental Group’s Teeth Whitening Different from Others?

A: We promote our unique cleaning method as the best teeth whitening procedure for long-term results. However, we make this claim based on proven clinical results. While most other dental clinics in Iowa offer clinical teeth cleaning services, our process involves your active participation. This personal involvement is the most unique aspect of our specialized service package.

Q: Am I Going to Need to Repeat these Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

A: Des Moines Dental Group has designed this unique service package to be the best teeth whitening procedure you can get. You maintain your own teeth whitening and cleaning schedule without any attending dentist. However, you will need to replenish your teeth whitening kit after a few weeks. Although, this second kit will cost you a bit less compared to the first package!

Q: How Effective is this Unique Teeth Whitening Procedure?

A: We have developed this specialized cosmetic dentistry procedure over years of careful study and observation. Not only are the initial teeth cleaning measures effective, but the long-term benefits are unmatched. If you follow the regime set for you, you will never have stained teeth again! Des Moines Dental Group is the only dental clinic in Iowa with clinically proven success with this special technique.

Q: Are There Any Chances of Allergic Reactions to Carbide Peroxide?

A: We have tested this cleaning agent rigorously before prescribing it for our patients. While most other dental clinics in Iowa use Hydrogen Peroxide, we prefer Carbide Peroxide. It is much more effective than Hydrogen Peroxide and has a very gentle bleaching action. However, if you note any sensitivity or allergic reaction, you should check in with us immediately. DM Dental doesn’t charge patients twice for the same procedure and related queries/visits.

Q: Are There Other Options for Immediate Results?

A: There are certain cosmetic dentistry procedures which will clean your teeth immediately. The three other methods for immediate teeth whitening are:

Fluoride Wash: One of the best teeth whitening methods which also strengthens your gums and dentin.

Scaling: This is a physical procedure to carefully remove stains under clinical scraping of the enamel.

Polishing: Though we use the same Carbide Peroxide solution, the concentration is slightly stronger.

As a leading dental clinic in Iowa, we also offer UV laser teeth cleaning. However, we suggest you consult our dental hygiene specialist to decide which teeth whitening procedure is best for you!

Q: How Much does This Unique Teeth Whitening Package Cost?

A: Our Unique teeth whitening services cost $150 for each session. However, renewing your teeth whitening kit and second consultancy will cost a bit less.

Q: Does this Teeth Whitening Process Hurt in Any Way?

A: Absolutely not! The initial procedure of casting a cleaning tray for your teeth is painless. Afterwards, applying the gel might cause a mild sensation as the bleaching happens. However, this sensation is neither irritation, nor the sharp sting of sensitive teeth. Again, if you feel any unusual sensitivity or irritation to our special cleaning gel, you should get in touch with us immediately.

Q: Are my Teeth Going to Get Stained Again?

A: Unfortunately, poor lifestyle habits and staining foods will eventually cause enamel discoloration. However, this is exactly why we have developed this special cosmetic dentistry procedure. If you maintain your teeth whitening schedule properly, you will never have to worry about stained teeth again. Also, remember to visit the Des Moines Dental Group for a preventive dentistry session with our special Dental Hygiene services every six months.

Q: Should I Try Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

A: As one of the most reputed dental clinics in Iowa, we would never want you to spend unnecessarily. The Des Moines Dental Group always suggests keeping clinical visits to the minimum. This special teeth whitening method is a long-term system managed by you. There is no need for additional cosmetic dentistry procedures when you’re already getting the best teeth whitening treatment! If you have otherwise naturally healthy teeth, two simple dental hygiene sessions a year should be enough.

Q: Will my Insurance Pay for this Teeth Whitening Procedure?

A: Unfortunately, teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure which is not considered under preventive dental care. However, certain dental insurance schemes may cover these types of clinical care. Also, you can get a health credit account with CareCredit which helps make all your medical expenses more affordable.

For all other queries and information regarding dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, or safe teeth whitening, call the Des Moines Dental Group on 515-512-5377 (Airport) or 515-512-5339 (Urbandale).