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Des Moines Dental Group offers a fast, safe and effective process for teeth whitening. Our whitening gel is placed in a bleaching tray that fits over your teeth. The active ingredient called carbide peroxide is broken down and oxygen enters the enamel.  The structure of teeth are not changed and it helps teeth look their best while remaining safe at the same time.

There are many causes of discoloration of teeth including aging, consumption of coffee, soda and tobacco, nerve degeneration and old restorations. We are able to use our safe process which has been researched by professionals and proven to be safe when under the supervision of a dentist. Many dentists consider the process to be the safest dental procedure being performed.

At Des Moines Dental Group we use a professional teeth whitening system that is safe and easy to use. Custom made trays that you fill with bleaching gel are worn for 15 minutes twice a day. You will see results that will give you the confidence to flash that youthful smile of yours. We are very excited to see you and transform your teeth to a whiter and brighter smile!!!

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