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When was the last time you got a complete dental check up? With our Dental Hygiene services, we include a host of specialized clinical procedures to help keep your teeth in perfect condition. These are the essential dental procedures that prevent the chance of severe problems like gingivitis or cavities.

We know that just cleaning your teeth is not enough. Your dental health may be affected by a number of other problems.Our Dental Hygiene exam includes a teeth cleaning and dental check up to identify if you have any problems that may lead to complications in the future.

When was your last visit to a Dental Hygienist? Basic teeth cleaning and a thorough dental checkup is perhaps the most underrated of all medical services. Without proper dental hygiene, you are at risk of developing more severe problems like dental cavities, hyper-sensitivity, or periodontitis and heart conditions.

Healthcare specialists suggest that you should visit the dentist every 6 months; even if you have perfectly healthy teeth. Children under 16, or adults with diagnosed recurring oral problems like gingivitis or oral ulcers should visit a dental hygienist at least every 6 months.

At the Des Moines Dental Group, we know how important regular teeth cleaning and dental hygiene checkups are.

What can you expect in your Dental Hygiene appointment?

  • A review of your past dental checkups and treatments
  • An examination of your oral cavity including gums, teeth, palate, and cancer screen
  • Specialized teeth cleaning including tartar and plaque removal, flossing, polishing, and oral education
  • Detailed discussions on your current oral health and dental hygiene requirements

As one of the best dentists in Iowa, we go beyond these generic dental hygienist services. At the Des Moines Dental Group, our Dental Hygiene services also include –

Screening for Oral Cancer: As a practice, our Dental Hygienist performs a screening for oral cancer. If you’re a smoker, or you have a habit of chewing tobacco, you may be at a greater risk. Knowing your risks early will help you change your lifestyle, improve personal dental hygiene, and prepare for any necessary treatments.

Orthodontic Checkup: Our Orthodontic evaluation is especially important for adolescents who are just growing their adult teeth. Early treatment will guarantee that your child has a perfect set of teeth within a few years. This is one of the most important dental checkups for children apart from regular teeth cleaning. If your children are at risk of orthodontic issues, we need to start treatment early.

The Des Moines Dental Group is one of the most well-equipped dental clinics in Iowa. Schedule your Dental Hygiene appointment with our Dental Hygiene specialist today!

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Q: How are Dental Hygiene Services different from Teeth Whitening and Cleaning Services?

A: A teeth cleaning is different from a teeth whitening, in both procedure and purpose. A teeth cleaning helps to clear your teeth of foreign objects, including the removal of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. This helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. A teeth whitening is done for cosmetic purposes with a focus on bringing back your shining smile.


Q: What should I expect in my Dental Hygiene visit?

A: Our specialized Dental Hygiene evaluations include several clinical procedures to assess your overall dental health. They also include a detailed consultation regarding the oral health problems that you might face in the near future unless you follow a strict dental hygiene regime.


Q: How often do I need to visit a Dental Hygienist?

A: Dental professionals suggest visiting a Dental Hygienist at least once every six months. Depending on the current state of your oral health, we might advise more frequent visits till your mouth is completely healthy and problem-free!


Q: How quickly will my appointment be scheduled?

A: If we are able to, we always try and attend to your needs and schedule you an appointment as soon as possible. As a top dental clinic in Iowa, the Des Moines Dental Group clinics are quite busy. We typically schedule appointments within 2-3 working days, and coordinate with you to find the best availability for you.


Q: How long does a Dental Hygiene Checkup Take?

A: A Dental Hygiene evaluation is an extensive appointment involving several procedures and an in depth examination; we suggest accommodating for ~1.5 hours for your initial visit. Usually, it takes an hour for follow up general dental checkup appointments and private consultations.


Q: How white will my teeth become after a teeth cleaning?

A: Like teeth sensitivity, the answer to this question is different for each person. Our expert staff will work with you to assess the best treatment for your teeth.


Q: Are Dental Hygiene Services for Children or Adults?

A: Dental Hygiene checkups are meant for both children and adults. These procedures are important for any age-group; especially if you have a history of dental problems like gingivitis or teeth sensitivity.


Q: Am I going to need all the procedures?

A: Not every time. It depends on any problems found. The three basic procedures performed during a Dental Hygiene evaluation are –

  • A complete dental checkup and evaluation of your oral health
  • Fluoride treatment (optional)
  • Personal consultation with our Dental Hygienist and Doctor.
  • Depending on your general oral health, and assessment of diseases/infections (if any); we will perform procedures like Dental X-Rays or an Oral Cancer Screening.


Q: Does Clinical Teeth Whitening hurt?

A: There is always sensitivity with teeth procedures, but this varies for each person. We always try and ensure that you feel minimal discomfort during our procedures. At the Des Moines Dental Group, we have years of experience treating children and adults with very sensitive teeth. Clinical teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity. However, scaling to remove tartar and stains may cause some sensitivity, but only for a short period of time.


Q: Are my teeth going to get stained again?

A: Each persons’ personal dental care and lifestyle and food habits dictate how soon our teeth start staining. It is almost impossible to maintain perfect, shining teeth, unless you completely avoid smoking, tea, coffee, wine, and a long list of other indulgences! For a healthy person without any lifestyle habits like smoking, two teeth cleaning and Dental Hygiene Checkup sessions should be enough in a year.


Q: Will my Insurance cover this Dental Hygiene Checkup?

A: We accept and work with a number of insurance companies at Des Moines Dental Group. The best way to find your answer to this question is to give either one of our locations a call and we’ll work to answer this question with you.

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