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Missing, damaged, or broken teeth may require a crown or a bridge in order to help restore full dental functioning. A dental crown or a bridge may also be applied as a finishing touch to repair work, such as a root canal. Made of porcelain or another tooth-colored material, we can customize the crown or bridge of any of your teeth and help restore your mouth to its full working order.

Often referred to as a cap, a crown can be used to permanently cover a single, damaged tooth. Doing so helps ensure that the tooth isn’t exposed and that it doesn’t sustain further damage as a result. While dental crowns are intended to be permanent solutions, some people do suffer from damaged or broken crowns, as well as decay at the crown’s site due to poor dental care. Our office can also replace such crowns when needed.

A bridge differs from a crown in that it is intended to fill gaps in the mouth where several consecutive teeth are missing or even to cover consecutive teeth that are badly damaged. By using the teeth on either side of where the bridge is to be placed as anchors, a bridge is also a permanent dental solution. Give us a call so that we can determine whether you need a crown or a bridge and craft one that is tailored for your mouth.