How to Keep Teeth Healthy at Home in Lockdown: 6 Dental Tips

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In these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy for good oral hygiene to slip off your mind. But that could quickly change if you’re troubled by a painful cavity and find seeing a dentist be difficult. With that in mind, looking after your teeth must not take a backseat! Here, we’re offering you some effective dental tips on how to have healthy teeth and gums at home during this lockdown period.

Dental Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy at Home

1. Brush twice every day, use interdental brushes/floss

Brush your teeth well before breakfast as well as before bed every day. Use a soft, small toothbrush, place it on the margin of the gums and teeth. Break up the plaque and bacteria using small circular movements. You don’t need to brush away the plaque, as that might brush away the enamel too; it’s enough to disturb the plaque in order to interrupt the process of gum disease and decay.

Additionally, as a toothbrush can’t reach in between teeth, you need to use floss or small interdental picks or brushes for wiping the sides of teeth. This will make sure all the surfaces are cleaned well.

2. Use a saltwater mouthwash

Although a mouthwash can’t replace brushing, however, it’s effective, especially when we’re facing a pandemic. If you don’t have a mouthwash at home, don’t worry! A good alternative is a simple, homemade saltwater mouthwash. Take half a cup of warm water and dissolve a teaspoon of salt in it. Rinse your gums and teeth with it, gargle and spit.

3. Use fluoride toothpaste

It’s a suitable time now for switching to a fluoride-free or ‘herbal’ toothpaste. Fluoride is used on teeth topically to strengthen them and increase their resistance to tooth decay. Additionally, only fluoride can help in reversing early tooth decay.

This becomes more important if you’re snacking frequently at home. Keep in mind that the fluoride toothpaste used by your children should be age-appropriate. Moreover, supervise your kids’ brushing, doing it for them if needed, until they grow up to be at least six years old.

4. Create an emergency kit

It’s wise to have a few painkillers at home if any dental pain arises during the lockdown scenario. Some effective analgesics for addressing dental pain are cocodamol, paracetamol, and ibuprofen (as long as there are no COVID-19 symptoms). It would also be good to include a dental kit for temporary filling, which you can find at most supermarkets and pharmacies. In case a crown or filling comes out, this kit would help you cement it temporarily.

5. Avoid sugary foods

Our teeth have been designed to deal with attacks by acid no more than thrice a day. If the attacks by acid are more than that, the risk of tooth decay will be on the rise. Food items like fruit juices, fruits, and smoothies should not be consumed frequently. So, take sugary foods and fruits during mealtimes (or 40 minutes after or before). Go for sugar-free snacks like veggies, cheese or crackers.

Dentists also advise to keep yourself hydrated well as that’s important for a sound oral health.

6. Keep toothbrushes clean

With the COVID-19 pandemic around, it’s always good to keep your home and surroundings clean, including your toothbrush. Disinfect your toothbrush and those of your family members. Toothbrushes may become a medium for the transmission of viruses, so, it’s important to keep them clean. It is one of the most crucial dental tips accepted globally.

Wrap Up

There is scientific evidence that our body’s immune response is closely related to gum health. During a pandemic, we need to have good immune systems. When the mouth is healthy, the immune system of the body is free for fighting off other intruders.

Following these dental tips on how to keep your teeth healthy at home can help you maintain teeth hygiene and have good teeth and gums during the lockdown. These simple dental care tips can help you keep away many dental issues and maintain a healthy mouth and a happy smile.