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teeth whitening
By Des Moines Dental / July 15, 2018

Why DIY Teeth Whitening is More Dangerous Than You Think

Almost all DIY teeth whitening techniques from the internet do much more harm than good. Your teeth may have become

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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry with Medical Credit and Dental Insurance in Iowa
By Des Moines Dental / June 30, 2018

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry with Medical Credit and Dental Insurance in Iowa

Let’s clarify forthwith that you will be paying the full clinical bill without any medical or dental insurance. Iowa based

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Fluoride is called the cavity fighter for good reason. Let us tell you precisely why
By Des Moines Dental / June 15, 2018

Do You Know What Fluoride Actually does for Your Teeth?

Why is fluoride called the superhero that fights cavities? The story of the teeth has a lot to do with

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Des Moines Dental Group 6 common questions about proper dental care
By Des Moines Dental / May 30, 2018

6 Common Questions About Proper Dental Care Answered

Visiting emergency dentists with a severe toothache or bad infection is never fun. But is your dental care sufficient? We

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dental implants
By Des Moines Dental / May 15, 2018

How can Proper Dental Implants Help Revive Your Smile?

Dental implants have greatly improved the way we can improve our appearance. Dental implants are today’s new most preferred solution

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dental x-rays
By Des Moines Dental / May 1, 2018

Do Dental X-Rays Pose a Risk? Or Are They a Dentist’s Best Weapon?

Your visit to the dentist does not always mean an extraction or a filling. At times, a diagnosis requires other

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Cope with your root canal pain
By Des Moines Dental / April 24, 2018

Coping with Root Canal Pain is Enduring a Necessary Suffering

What is a root canal therapy? Root canal is typically the last recourse your dentist takes. Usually, it takes several

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What good or harm does chewing gum do to your teeth Find out the hard facts
By Des Moines Dental / April 19, 2018

You’ll be Surprised to Know How Chewing Gum can Protect Your Teeth

We know that cavities mostly form out of sugar that’s in the mouth too long. They feed the breed bacteria

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Did you know teeth need extra care before a mother starts breastfeeding
By Des Moines Dental / April 17, 2018

As a Breastfeeding Mother Loses Essential Nutrients from Her Body, She Might be Risking Her Oral Health As Well.

Every woman who is breastfeeding  generally have to take extra care of their overall health. Extra care becomes imperative at

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The sweet that hurts more is from Diabetes, not tooth decay
By Des Moines Dental / April 12, 2018

If You Have Diabetes, Here’s Another Reason to Avoid Sweets

There are numerous factors that can pose harm to your teeth. One of the most cliche and obvious ones is

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