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By Des Moines Dental / August 6, 2019

Diagnosing Toothache: 6 Types of Tooth Pain to Know About

Tooth pain is distressing and difficult to ignore, whenever it strikes. Even if the pain is not intense or it’s coming

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electric toothbrush benefits on sensitive teeth
By Des Moines Dental / July 25, 2019

6 Electric Toothbrush Benefits You Cannot Ignore

Manual toothbrushes ensure proper teeth cleaning if they are used in the right way. But most of us do not brush for recommended 2

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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Bleeding Gums
By Des Moines Dental / July 23, 2019

7 Secrets About Bleeding Gums that No Dentist Will Tell You

Seeing spots of blood on your toothbrush or sink should not be a matter of concern till it becomes a

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Connection between Oral Health and Heart Disease
By Des Moines Dental / July 16, 2019

The Connection between Oral Health and Heart Disease

Maintaining proper dental health and hygiene, especially gum health, may lead to more than a healthy, gleaming smile and manageable

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importance of dental hygiene
By Des Moines Dental / July 9, 2019

Importance of Dental Hygiene: How It Affects Overall Health

The importance of dental hygiene extends beyond just a bright and white smile. There is a strong connection between our mouth and

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treat chipped tooth
By Des Moines Dental / June 19, 2019

11 Key Questions Answered About How to Treat Chipped Tooth

The tooth enamel may be the hardest tissue in the body, but it is not indestructible. And chipped or cracked

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Treatment for Chipped Tooth
By Des Moines Dental / June 11, 2019

Treatment for Chipped Tooth: 6 FAQs Answered

Tooth enamel makes the hardest tissue in our entire body; however, it is not indestructible. People may experience cracked or

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quick chipped tooth repair from dm dental
By Des Moines Dental / June 5, 2019

Chipped Tooth Repair: Fix the Problem Before It Gets Ugly

A small chip in the tooth may seem insignificant, but it has the potential to cause a lot of problems

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allergies and oral health
By Des Moines Dental / May 31, 2019

Surprising Connection between Allergies and Oral Health: Things you should Know

Good news: spring is here! Bad news: so are allergies! Seasonal allergies have ‘sprung’ in action with sneezing, congestion and

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Family Pictures: How to Get Great Photos
By Des Moines Dental / May 29, 2019

5 Tips to Get Truly Amazing Family Pictures

Family pictures are a great way of documenting yourself and your loved ones. Family photos also help in marking special occasions

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