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Dental decay causes and treatment
Tooth cavity, Tooth Decay
By Des Moines Dental / December 31, 2019

Tooth Decay Causes – Are Medicines Behind the Decline of Oral Health?

How much do you know about different tooth decay causes? There are quite a few habits that affect your oral

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dental checkup myths and facts
Dental Checkup
By Des Moines Dental / December 24, 2019

The Ultimate Revelation of Dental Checkup in Iowa in 3 Minutes

It is tempting to skip a visit to the dentist now and then. But a year of neglect and no

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Teeth Decay Cure in Urbandale and Des Moines
Dental Tips
By Des Moines Dental / December 19, 2019

Reduce Teeth Decay Chances by Maintaining Proper pH Balance in the Mouth

The pH of the mouth plays an important role in the health of the teeth. A healthy pH balance in

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Use your dental insurance benefits before it is too late
By Des Moines Dental / December 6, 2019

Exhaust Your Dental Insurance Before it is Too Late in 2019

Now is the time! Not only to celebrate Christmas and usher 2020 in style but to use the unused benefits

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Dental tips in the Winter
Dental Tips
By Des Moines Dental / November 29, 2019

Dental Tips to have a Sound Oral Health in the Winter Months

Winter brings several festivities and activities to enjoy. Sitting beside the fire warming up and playing winter sports like ice

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Get sensitive teeth cured by expert dentists in Iowa
Sensitive teeth
By Des Moines Dental / November 24, 2019

6 Reasons for More Sensitive Teeth During Winter

Winter is a time of festivities; however, the colder months also bring health issues that might not occur during other

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Tooth Cavity Pain Relief in Des Moines
Dental Health & Hygiene, Emergency Dental Pain Relief, Tooth cavity
By Des Moines Dental / November 20, 2019

Think of Prevention Before Tooth Cavity Pain Relief: A Dentist Speaks

Cure or precaution? We asked our dentists which is more important. A lot of emphasis was put on curing the

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professional teeth whitening service in Iowa
Teeth Whitening
By Des Moines Dental / November 5, 2019

5 Ways Professional Teeth Whitening Can Brighten Your Christmas Photos

‘Smile is always in style’. And you must use this signature accessory to your advantage in your Holiday postcards. Your

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Cavity-free holiday for everyone
By Des Moines Dental / October 31, 2019

10 Secret Techniques to Have a Cavity-free Holiday

It’s Halloween; get your candy mode on! It’s Christmas; a glass of good wine keeps your spirits high! It’s New

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BEst tooth cavity treatment in Iowa
By Des Moines Dental / October 22, 2019

Tackling Tooth Cavity: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Tooth decay and tooth cavity are some of the most common health issues in the world. These dental problems are

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