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dental x-rays
By Des Moines Dental / May 1, 2018

Knowing the risks can help you avoid them or brave them. What are the risks posed by dental x-rays? Find out if these risks outweigh the need.

Your visit to the dentist does not always only entail an extraction or a filling, as usual. At times, a

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By Des Moines Dental / April 24, 2018

Sometimes, it takes greater effort and a more complex process to preserve your smile.

What is a root canal therapy? What conditions call for it? Often times, most patients deem root canal as the

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What good or harm does chewing gum do to your teeth Find out the hard facts
By Des Moines Dental / April 19, 2018

Know the truth and myth about gum chewing. You’ll be surprised what it actually does to your pearly whites

It is a universally known fact that cavities are mostly borne out of sugar that’s allowed to stay long in

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Did you know teeth need extra care before a mother starts breastfeeding
By Des Moines Dental / April 17, 2018

As a mom produces the essential nutrients to an infant, she loses some of her own. Though it may take its toll on the teeth, there are ways to keep those pearly whites healthy during lactation

Every woman who is breastfeeding  generally have to take extra care of their overall health. Extra care becomes imperative at

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The sweet that hurts more is from Diabetes, not tooth decay
By Des Moines Dental / April 12, 2018

Ensure your teeth’s fighting chance against Diabetes. Don’t stop at awareness. Do your part and regulate your sweets

There are numerous factors that can pose harm to your teeth. One of the most cliche and obvious ones is

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The high risk that Smoking and Dental Health poses to you is irreversible
By Des Moines Dental / April 10, 2018

I am a chain smoker and my teeth are perfectly fine in place…for now

That is a sad thing indeed for your smile. But your teeth is not the only unfortunate thing that suffers

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Dental anxiety, the fear of seeing your dentist, should stop being a burden
By Des Moines Dental / April 5, 2018

Debunk dental phobia and agonize no more about going to the dentist

While seeing your dentist may not exactly be a walk in the park it does not have to be such

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By Des Moines Dental / April 3, 2018

There are several helpful ways to deal with the discomfort brought about by the growth of wisdom teeth. Find relief in these tips from your dental health expert

There is a good reason why wisdom teeth are named the third molars It has a lot to do with

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Orthodontics Technology
By Des Moines Dental / March 29, 2018

Science has long provided solutions to concerns that make us, humans, halt. This includes advancement and innovation in orthodontia

Who helps dentists straighten our teeth, replace what’s missing, and give us a better bite? The question is not who.

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he Source and Cause of Canker Sores
By Des Moines Dental / March 27, 2018

Canker sores are a pain, but who says you should play victim and endure it? Get tried and tested tips on how to deal with these mouth blisters

Canker Sores. What are they?   Aphthous stomatitis. This is the less popular name for canker sores. Some call them mouth

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