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waterpik vs. Flossing
Flossing techniques, Waterpik
By Des Moines Dental / March 24, 2020

Waterpik vs. Flossing Conventionally: Which is a Better Option?

Dentists often come across patients that simply don’t floss. They have every excuse for not flossing. This often makes dentists

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gingivitis and pregnancy
By Des Moines Dental / March 18, 2020

Gingivitis and Pregnancy: Know How You Can Tackle It

Gingivitis is a common tooth problem which happens when plaque containing bacteria builds on gums and produces toxins which affect

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Tooth replacement options in Des Moines
Tooth Replacement
By Des Moines Dental / March 11, 2020

‘Missing’ your Teeth? 3 Tooth Replacement Options to Look At

Teeth are indeed an important part of our body. Healthy teeth can not only help you have a beautiful smile

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bad breath in children
Children Dental Health
By Des Moines Dental / March 6, 2020

All You Need to Know About Bad Breath in Children

Can bullies really pick on your child because of bad breath? It can happen, because halitosis in children is an

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waterpik dental flosser
Flossing techniques, Waterpik
By Des Moines Dental / February 27, 2020

Is Waterpik Dental Flosser Better than Traditional Floss?

Ask anyone about the struggle between deep teeth cleaning and dental floss and they will agree that the struggle is

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know how to floss properly
Dental Health & Hygiene, Dental Tips, Flossing techniques
By Des Moines Dental / February 21, 2020

How to Floss Properly by Doing Less. DM Dental Experts Speak

All dentists and patients will agree that flossing is a necessary habit. And there is no way around it. Without

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electric toothbrush vs manual
Dental Health & Hygiene, Dental Tips
By Des Moines Dental / February 21, 2020

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual: Busting the Myths

Brushing your teeth well makes the foundation of sound oral health. The American Dental Association (ADA) considers both manual and

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proper way to brush teeth
Dental Care, Dental Health & Hygiene, Sensitive teeth
By Des Moines Dental / February 18, 2020

Am I brushing my teeth enough? Am I brushing too much?

Even the most thorough among us often fail to optimize the benefits of brushing without knowing the proper way to

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Best looking dentures to fit your jaws
By Des Moines Dental / January 31, 2020

Everything You Wanted to Know About Best Looking Dentures

Nearly 5% of adults above the age of 65 looks for dentures to replace their missing tooth. Because deciding to

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children’s dental health care in Urbandale and Des Moines
Children Dental Health, Dental Care, Dental Health & Hygiene
By Des Moines Dental / January 22, 2020

Children’s Dental Health : Have You Scheduled Your Kid’s First Dentist Visit Yet?

When you have a new-born baby, it’s common to visit your pediatrician at regular intervals throughout childhood. But when it

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