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The secret to a great smile is not a secret at all. Get dental braces
By Des Moines Dental / March 20, 2018

The slow but sure fix to teeth alignment is here to stay. Know the right dental braces for you with expert advice from DM Dental Group

It has long been a fact that it takes more than white teeth to have a great smile. You see,

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Find out how tooth replacement get your smile back
By Des Moines Dental / March 15, 2018

Do you know the best ways to regain your perfect smile even after a tooth extraction? Find out the option that suits you, so you don’t get all worked up on a lost tooth

In your early years, your dentist plays the role of someone who helps keep your teeth healthy, but someone you

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tooth pain in pregnancy
By Des Moines Dental / March 13, 2018

You need relief from every discomfort during pregnancy. This includes tooth and gum pain. Learn the root cause and be prepared with preventive measures and treatment for tooth pain during pregnancy

For most women, a lot of discomfort comes with pregnancy. What you once deem not normal agitate you every single

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Crush tooth extraction pain with easy ways
By Des Moines Dental / March 8, 2018

Experiencing pain after getting a tooth removed is quite normal. It is bothersome, though, and it makes sense why you want it gone soonest. How do you ease out of tooth extraction pain?

So, you have a bad tooth that has been bothering you for quite a while. Then you’re finally getting it

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How to maintain that smile despite tooth damage Porcelain overlays
By Des Moines Dental / March 6, 2018

What brighter days porcelain overlays present to those of us who have chipped off teeth and decay damage. Get the lowdown on porcelain veneers and overlays here

Porcelain Overlays? What are they? "You are happily chewing on your cracker or nuts for snacks when...crack! Out comes a

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Start now before it’s too late. Cure your periodontal disease
By Des Moines Dental / March 2, 2018

Did you know that a gum disease gives you a whole lot of mouth problems than you can imagine possible? Stop periodontal disease and gingivitis fast. Let us tell you how

Know your opponent and fight it You cannot get ahead of gum diseases if you do not know them and

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Know the telltale signs of gum infection and stop them before they happen
By Des Moines Dental / February 27, 2018

At times, it isn’t just tooth decay that threatens oral health. A greater threat is gum infection. Fight gum infection fast with these expert advice.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, sore and bleeding gums, and painful chewing problems signal the

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Effective Oral Hygiene for Toddlers That Work for Both Parent and Child
By Des Moines Dental / February 20, 2018

There are Tons of Ways You Can Establish and Maintain a Stable Routine for Your Toddler’s Oral Hygiene – Minus all the Fuss

Who says oral hygiene is boring and no fun? My three-year-old! Right Tons of toddlers wail and fret at the

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Rooting Teeth
By Des Moines Dental / January 18, 2018

How to Fix Rotting Teeth – Some Tips

We take our teeth for granted, probably the most important part of our anatomy. We often talk about flashing a

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Dental Crown for Perfect Smile
By Des Moines Dental / January 15, 2018

Get the Right Dental Crowns in Des Moines for the Perfect Smile

The holiday season is upon us and so is the pressure to look our best. A smile is the best

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