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Get a White Gleaming Smile in as Little as a Week

Do you have a big event soon approaching? Look your best on the special day with a happy, white smile!

If you’re going to tie the knot soon, make sure your perfect attire on your big day is teamed up with a perfect bright smile that truly reflects the joy in your heart! You’ll share the pictures of your wedding day with your family, friends,
and on social media for the years to come. And you would want to look nothing less than perfect in those!

Des Moines Dental Group can help you get pearly white teeth that are essential for that perfect look. Come in for a teeth cleaning at our office and pick up a teeth whitening kit to get a beautiful, bright, and fresh smile on your wedding
day. The results of teeth whitening start showing in as little as a week and whitening is more effective when applied to a freshly cleaned surface.

If you are someone about to attend the wedding of a family member or friend, consider getting your teeth cleaned and whitened before the occasion, so that you can flaunt a bright smile.

High school students going for prom would also want to arrive at the event with clean, white, and shiny teeth. Your high school prom is indeed a special occasion, and you’ll cherish the pictures and memories from this day for the years
to come. If you are attending a prom soon, don’t forget to visit our office to get your teeth cleaned and take along a teeth whitening kit.

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Superior Dental Hygiene Services in Des Moines, Iowa

Dental service

Your teeth don’t just chew food – they create a first impression too! Your smile is the first thing people notice. And with the arrival of the wedding and prom season, you’re going to get lots of opportunities to sport your beautiful smile. To have that
beautiful smile, you need to have clean and healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, oral health plays an important role in maintaining an optimal overall health.

To ensure that your gums and teeth are in their best condition, you need to prioritize good oral hygiene in your day-to-day life through at-home oral care practices and professional dental hygiene services at regular intervals.

For best in class dental hygiene services in Des Moines, Iowa, count on Des Moines Dental Group! We have been beautifying smiles and relieving dental health conditions since 1975. With highly experienced and gentle dentists and advanced dentistry
technology and techniques, Des Moines Dental Group strives to provide excellent dental hygiene and oral care services.

Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

Dental hygiene

The occurrence of dental disease and decay depends largely on the state of your dental hygiene. With proper dental hygiene habits, you can keep away tartar and plaque from your gums and teeth, and eventually prevent gum disease, foul breath, and

Proper dental hygiene requires dental hygienist services besides a daily personal dental hygiene routine.

A dental hygienist removes the biofilm that causes odor, polishes teeth, and cleans plaque. Dental cleaning should ideally be done once in every six months. Cleanings at regular intervals prevent oral diseases, cavities, and caries. Cleanings
facilitate healthy gums and shining white teeth. They also lead to reduced instances of gum disease and bad breath.

Alongside regular cleaning, dental hygienists help in monitoring for oral cancer as well as other oral health issues.

Why Choose DM Dental for Dental Hygiene Services

What are the things you seek when choosing a dental office? Experienced dentists? Professional and friendly staff? Best in class service quality? Easy appointment booking facility?

Well, Des Moines Dental Group has each of these and much more! With offices at Urbandale and Des Moines, Iowa, we are a family friendly dental practice offering comprehensive dental hygiene services.

We have:

  1. 01Gentle and experienced dentists
  2. 02World-class dental care services
  3. 03Latest equipment
  4. 04Online price viewing facility
  5. 05Online appointment booking facility as per your schedule
One of the most reliable dental offices in Iowa, our Dental Hygiene services extend beyond the generic dental hygiene services.
We offer:
  • Specialized Clinical Procedures

    These procedures support optimal oral health and prevent dental conditions like cavities and gingivitis.

  • Dental Hygiene Exam

    Our Dental Hygiene Test includes teeth cleaning as well as a checkup for identifying if there are any dental issues that may cause complications in future.

  • Orthodontic Checkup

    These procedures support optimal oral health and prevent dental conditions like cavities and gingivitis.

  • Specialized Clinical Procedures

    Our orthodontic checkup is especially essential for adolescents. Early treatment ensures that a child develops a set of teeth that are perfect. In case a child has a risk of orthodontic problems, treatment should be started early.

  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Our dental hygienist carries out oral cancer screening. Smokers and individuals chewing tobacco often may have an increased risk. Early knowledge of risks will help an individual improve personal oral hygiene and change their lifestyle.

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