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Bridal Beauty Checklist – How to Look your Best on your Wedding Day?

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When it comes to wedding preparation for brides-to-be, there are a lot of things to think about during the weeks or months leading up to the wedding day. With so much to keep in mind – venue, cake, guest list, dress, etc. – it’s easy for beauty to take a backseat. To help you with your wedding preparation and planning, we’ve come up with a bridal beauty checklist. This checklist includes all beauty-related jobs that you would want to complete prior to your big day.  

Bridal Beauty Checklist for Wedding Preparation 


Do your research well before booking a hairstylist. Choose a hairstyle and consider having a trial run. Click a lot of pictures to have an idea ahead of time whether the style is good for your wedding day. Get a trim and refresh the color a few weeks prior to the wedding day. Avoid experimenting with any new colors or cuts right before your wedding day.  


Research makeup and looks and go for one that suits your personal style, dress, and setting. Consider what kind of a look you want – a glammed-up look that goes great with a formal affair or a natural and beachy look. Consider trying out your chosen beauty look prior to the big day, using the exact products that you would use on your wedding day. Furthermore, schedule a final brow shaping appointment about a week before your wedding day 


Perform trial runs of eye makeup beforehand and take enough selfies to see whether your look looks good in photos. In case you would like to have false lashes, try them out ahead of time to see if you want a smaller cluster or a full set.  


Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist a few months in advance. Seek advice on what kind of prep would be suitable for your skin type. According to your dermatologist’s suggestion, book an appointment for the treatment (like hydrating facial, peel, microdermabrasion, etc.). Do a facial at home with a brightening mask and an exfoliating scrub a few days prior to your wedding.  

Teeth and Lips 

Select a lip color complementing your overall look. You can seek the help of your makeup artist while doing do, if you hire one. For softer lips, apply a lip scrub daily during the week before your wedding. Visit your dentist’s office for routine teeth cleaning. Moreover, whiten teeth before wedding to get a dazzling smile and brilliant wedding photographs. For this, book an appointment for teeth whitening for wedding months in advance. Professional teeth whitening before wedding can add that extra glamour to your overall look.  


Book a mani/pedi appointment a few days prior to the wedding day.  


One week before your wedding, book a waxing appointment. Ensure that you have enough time at hand for redness, if any, to disappear. Consider getting a spa treatment, body scrub or massage that would help in calming your wedding jitters. You can also go for a professional spray tan to get a subtle glow, a few days prior to the wedding day. However, ensure that you take care of the massage and/or waxing appointments first, and then your spray tan appointment. 


Wrap Up 

With this beauty checklist, brides-to-be would find it easier to remember and complete the essential beauty-related tasks. Make sure you don’t forget to get teeth whitening before wedding. Get ready to look and feel your best with this wedding preparation checklist! 

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