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Is Waterpik Dental Flosser Better than Traditional Floss?

waterpik dental flosser

Ask anyone about the struggle between deep teeth cleaning and dental floss and they will agree that the struggle is real. And they are left wondering that if I’m not so great at flossing, should I pick a Waterpik? Yes, you can. Using a Waterpik dental flosser is a good alternative. Here are some cool hacks which will help you to get the best of a Waterpik.

#Hack1: Go for deep cleaning with best Waterpik water flosser

It’s true that that regular floss can only go up to 3 mm deep in the gums. It’s great only if your pockets are 3mm or less than that. But most adults have deep pockets that range between 2-5 mm. You need a Waterpik dental flosser for better interdental cleaning. It reaches up to 6 mm deep below the gums.

#Hack2: Use warm water for better cleaning with best dental Waterpik

You can feel uncomfortable with cold water in Waterpik, especially when tap water is pretty cold. The warm water will feel good inside the mouth and help in the cleaning process. Also, warm water in Waterpik dental flosser causes less irritation.

#Hack3: Waterpik flosser 2020 can eliminate the possibility of gum disease

All dental flossers approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2020 are tested for safety. They are effective in removing plaque from the teeth. The accumulation of plaque inside the mouth can put you at greater risk of gum disease and cavities. Waterpik dental flossers which come with ADA seal can also reduce the chances of gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease.

#Hack4: Read Waterpik water flosser reviews before buying one

There are many Waterpiks available in the market. Read the reviews before you pick the right water flosser. You can choose the Waterpik dental flosser with different pressure settings. This is an important feature as space between teeth and gum sensitivity can vary. With different pressure options, it’s possible to personalize the pressure system which is suitable for your mouth.

Know the right technique to use the Waterpik from our dental experts at DM Dental. Watch this video to know more.

#Hack5: You can use your favorite mouthwash in your Waterpik dental flosser

Only warm water is recommended to use in a Waterpik which has proven to be clinically effective in cleaning your mouth. But you can also use other agents like your favorite mouthwash. The flavored water will leave a long-lasting freshness inside the mouth. But you should never use any kind of oil like a tea tree oil inside the Waterpik. It will destroy the product.

#Hack6: Waterpik dental flosser is more effective than a string floss

It has been proven that a Waterpik is generally more effective than string floss. According to the findings, it is

  • 3 times more effective for orthodontic patients
  • 50% more useful for eliminating gingivitis
  • Twice helpful for stopping bleeding
  • Useful for patients with limited hand dexterity

#Hack7: Combination of an electric toothbrush and Waterpik is more effective for complete oral care

You can combine Waterpik with an electric toothbrush to take care of your mouth teeth and gums better. Patients have seen a 70% reduction in gum bleeding after using the combination. Your oral health will improve significantly.

If you are new to the world of Waterpik, you can watch the video carefully for useful Waterpik water flosser tips. Think about dental care in Des Moines, and our dental experts can help you with all sorts of problems: dental implants, teeth whitening, dental bridges, and root canal treatment. For best oral care in Urbandale, contact us today.

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