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Teeth Whitening for Prom: Tips to Get Pearly White Teeth for Prom

Teeth whitening for prom

The prom night is indeed a special event and every high school student wants to look their best on this special occasion. You’ll be taking lots of photographs on your prom night, which you would look at months and years after the event is over. So, you would want your photographs to be nothing less than brilliant. To look good in prom and get perfect photos, you need to prepare your hair and skin well. Besides, you should go for teeth whitening for prom since a smile revealing pearly white teeth can instantly enhance your look and bring amazing photographs.  

Teeth Whitening for Prom – Effective Tips

There are many ways to get whiter teeth for prom. Some effective tips for teeth whitening are as follows: 

1. Improve your Brushing 

Increase the number of times you brush each day before the prom. Carry a travel toothbrush with you and head to the washroom for brushing your teeth after meals, when you are at school or work. Flossing is also important for getting a beautiful smile, so, consider flossing each night.  

2. Avoid Tea and Coffee 

As a matter of fact, tea and coffee stain teeth. A cup of tea or coffee is necessary for many of us to get that dose of energy in the morning or afternoon or evening. However, to prevent your teeth from getting stained, try lowering your intake of coffee and/or tea for a few weeks prior to prom. In case you badly need coffee for getting through a day, use a straw. This would not only bi-pass the teeth, but also prevent any damage to your lipstick.  

3. Book an Appointment for Professional Teeth Whitening 

Professional teeth whitening can significantly whiten your teeth and so, is a great tip to consider in your prom preparation. There are several popular teeth whitening solutions available, such as teeth whitening trays, gels, and strips, which allow you to whiten your teeth at home too. Visit your dentist a few weeks prior to your prom to seek advice on which option would suit you best and how should you apply the teeth whitening product suggested.   

4. Apply Baking Soda Scrub 

Combine lemon juice and baking soda to prepare a paste. This is a powerful mixture to whiten your teeth naturally. Make a few teaspoons of this paste. Then, scrub this paste over all the teeth using an old toothbrush. Allow the paste to sit on the teeth for a few minutes. Although the taste isn’t great, however, it’s a great way to do teeth whitening for prom without chemicals.  


When it comes to prom night, you would surely want to look and feel your best! Try applying these teeth whitening tips while preparing for prom night. Whiter teeth would give you a shining, eye-catching smile! Besides implementing these tips for teeth whitening for prom, consider practicing proper dental hygiene habits, which is likely to help your teeth stay white.  

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