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Get Brilliant Wedding Pictures: 6 Tips to Look Photogenic on your Big Day

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If you are a soon to be a bride, one of the myriads of things you are concerned about is looking your best in your wedding photographs. Well, your wedding pictures are the things that will act as memoirs of your big day. So, it’s worth putting some effort to sport your best look on the wedding day. Quite a no brainer, the most important step to get brilliant photographs is hiring a skilled photographer. Nevertheless, there are certain steps you can take to make sure your wedding pictures are as brilliant as possible. For example, scheduling a session of teeth whitening for wedding or getting to know what kind of posture works best for you, and the likes can go a long way in bringing out fabulous pictures. 

Here are some effective tips to have a photogenic look on your wedding day: 

Effective Tips to Look Photogenic

1. Find out Your Best Profile

 Check out your previous photographs to identify which side of your face looks best in photographs. Try showing that side when photographed to bring out pictures that look more flattering. A great tip is to pose before a mirror for a few months prior to your wedding. You can then know the right profile to display when being clicked on your big day. In case you are in a doubt about which side photographs better, seek the advice of your photographer.  

2. Opt for a Photogenic Makeup 

Certain cosmetic effects like glitter and fake tans may backfire in photos. Fake tans result in an orange complexion and glitter can give your skin a greasy look. Likewise, certain foundation shades produce a washed-out appearance, and some colors of lipstick turn fluorescent when photographed. Therefore, act wisely when choosing your bridal makeup so that such issues don’t arise. You can also try some photogenic makeup tricks to make sure your look is camera-friendly.  

3. Keep a Good Posture 

To have a smart and confident look in your photographs, you need to have a good posture. Therefore, invest some time and effort to correct your posture and maintain it. Sit or stand straight every time you are being photographed. Keep a straight spine, square the shoulders, and push the chest forward. This would lead to a slimmer and taller appearance. 

4. Have a Natural Smile 

Any photo can be made beautiful with a simple smile. A smile that looks natural always makes you appear photogenic. Try practicing smiling before a mirror so that it comes to you naturally on your wedding day. You may feel exhausted and tired as the day passes. But the photography will go on. Hence, smile naturally instead of faking a grin. Try smiling with your eyes to keep looking amazing.  

5. Whiten Teeth before Wedding 

A perfect pearly white set of teeth will complete your wedding attire and lead to excellent photographs. So, make professional teeth whitening before wedding a part of your wedding preparation. Whether or not you have stained teeth, a pre-wedding teeth whitening treatment will visibly make your teeth whiter so that you can flaunt a beautiful, bright smile. Opt for the best pre-wedding teeth whitening treatment available in your city and book an appointment at the dental clinic a few weeks before your big day.  

6. Enjoy Yourself 

Enjoy yourself thoroughly during the wedding photo shoot. Get involved in the photography session and follow the instructions of your photographer. Try his/her suggestions without any hesitation, even if they seem unusual. Be cheerful and relax while posing for pictures.  


So, apply these awesome tips to have a look that’s loved by the camera! Some of these tips would require you to put in some time and effort, like identifying your most photogenic profile, having a good posture, and booking an appointment of teeth whitening for weddingNevertheless, you would surely reap the rewards of your efforts, as your wedding photographs come out incredibly beautiful. 

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