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5 Tips to Get Truly Amazing Family Pictures

Family Pictures: How to Get Great Photos

Family pictures are a great way of documenting yourself and your loved ones. Family photos also help in marking special occasions like reunions, vacations, weddings, and birthdays.   

So, if you have a family photo shoot soon approaching, you would want to do a bit of planning in advance to make sure the photographs look nothing less than amazing. Listed down are some effective tips to help you get great family pictures.  

Tips to Get Amazing Family Pictures 

1. Choose a Camera and Settings 

In case you’re not going for a professional photo shoot and you don’t have an 8 mega pixel (or higher) camera, consider investing in one. As cameras come in different types, choosing which setting to use can be difficult. However, for cameras of point and shoot types, the landscape setting makes the best choice.  

In case you use your camera on manual, make sure the shutter speed is always above 1/30 of a second, and the aperture is under f8. This would soften the background. The ISO should always be kept as low as possible. If it’s raised above 200, the picture could become grainy.  

2. Avoid taking Pictures at Noon 

At noon, the lighting is usually unflattering and harsh, making the time unsuitable for taking photos. The softest and most flattering light is provided around an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. Photographers refer to this time as “the golden hour”. Taking family pictures during these times won’t require you to use the flash. As a matter of fact, the flash built within a camera doesn’t light the subject properly in most cases.  

3. Choose What to Wear 

When it comes to family picture outfit ideas, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve shirts in solid color are the best. Try getting everyone to wear outfits in the same color so that the focus is on the people instead of their clothes in the photos. It’s ideal to go for longer sleeves since they are more suitable for all body types. Nevertheless, they are a must in case of close-up shots. This is because such pictures may be cropped across the arms and chest and can seem distracting or unflattering when the subject wears short sleeves. 

4. Strike a Pose 

Try striking attractive poses that feel natural to all your family members. You can refer to online galleries or magazines for examples of great poses for family portraits. Here are some tips to remember when posing for a family picture: 

  • Photos in which your arms hang straight down are unflattering. It can seem unnatural and stiff, and make you look “boxy”. For good photos, hands should be kept near hips and elbows should be kept slightly out from the body.  
  • For women, a figure-flattering pose would be turning the body (shoulders and hips) away from the camera slightly.  
  • Have a good posture, but avoid being stiff. Keep your shoulders pulled back and put your chin slightly out. Avoid pointing your chin down toward your neck. Tilt your head slightly to the side.  

5. Whiten Teeth 

Besides the perfect outfit and pose, what makes family photos dramatically better is a beautiful smile showing pearly white teeth. You and your family members can consider getting a professional teeth whitening treatment a few weeks before the photoshoot. The dazzling smiles can make the photographs brilliant!  


Family reunions and photo shoots are fun, and you would always want the best possible family pictures. Try these family picture ideas and tips to make sure your family pictures look naturally beautiful.  

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