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As a Breastfeeding Mother Loses Essential Nutrients from Her Body, She Might be Risking Her Oral Health As Well.

Did you know teeth need extra care before a mother starts breastfeeding

Every woman who is breastfeeding  generally have to take extra care of their overall health. Extra care becomes imperative at the start of pregnancy and does not stop when the baby is out. Health care becomes even more crucial post pregnancy as the mother takes on a whole new task.

We all know that caring for a baby is no simple matter. However, do you know breastfeeding mothers lose more than just their beauty sleep? From essential nutrients draining away, to weakened teeth – there’s a lot you need to watch out for!

So many things can be easily neglected as priorities change during childcare. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, and loss of nutrients may take its toll on the mother’s health and inevitably, the teeth. Also, since breastfeeding costs the body a lot of calories, a nursing mother must have a completely different diet.

Many mothers tend to neglect their own health as they pay more attention to the baby’s. This should not be so. Consider the safety rules observed when putting on an oxygen mask. You need to put on your own oxygen mask before you put the child’s mask on him.

What breastfeeding mothers need to seriously realize is that they are the main providers of nutrition to their babies. Hence, it bestows them greater responsibility to sustain the needs of their own bodies and the baby’s. This does not mean you have to say goodbye to an awesome smile.

In fact, this typical neglect gave way to a myth that for every child, the mother loses a tooth. Whoa! That is a trade-off you would want to do away with. Let’s zero in on the greater need to care for the teeth. Doctors have made no official link between breastfeeding and the high probability of cavities.

However, the body’s heightened need for care and nutrients and the probable lack thereof becomes a reason why dental health may deteriorate.

What can slow down the risk factors that threaten your oral health during lactation and breastfeeding?

There are simple modifications on a nursing mom’s diet that becomes imperative during the breast feeding phase. In fact, they’re so simple, you may already be doing them! Stay away from artificial sugar. Exercise caution in your food selection. Your low-calorie yogurt may be full of artificial sugar, which harmful for your teeth and your baby. Consume more proteins from healthy foods like peanut butter, cheese, and eggs.

These are excellent sources of energy and calories that will not be to your teeth’s detriment. Cheese has high pH value apart from giving you the nutrition for healthy breastfeeding. Bacteria that causes tooth decay do not thrive in a high pH environment.

Sugary and acidic food breeds these unwanted bacteria. Eat more fruits and vegetables and consider honey as a sweetener over sugar. Aside from these diet adjustments, increase your protection by maintaining consistent two-minute, twice-a-day brushing and regular flossing. You may space out your visits to the dentist, but remember to safeguard your oral health while breastfeeding.

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