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I am a chain smoker and my teeth are perfectly fine in place…for now

The high risk that Smoking and Dental Health poses to you is irreversible

That is a sad thing indeed for your smile. But your teeth is not the only unfortunate thing that suffers the habit of smokers. In this blog, we will look at teeth loss and all the other unfortunate thing Smoking and Dental Health. Let’s start with your teeth.

Did you know that male smokers lose 2.9 teeth for every decade of smoking? Women come close at 1.5 teeth, according to the Academy of General Dentistry

Why does Smoking and Dental Health are related?

Reasonable theory blames it on the plaque build-up on the surfaces of the teeth. Layers of plaque on the teeth cause tartar to grow. This leads to gum diseases that eventually lead to tooth loss. Periodontal diseases go a long way to the bones that support the teeth. Smoking feeds the factors that cause them. Not only that, smoking gives you yellow teeth. Imagine the damage on that smile brought about by discoloration because of nicotine and tar.

Now let’s consider smoker’s breath. Among the numerous reasons for smokers to stop, this should be one of those on top of the list to make them kick the habit. The chemicals found in cigarettes and tobacco such as nicotine and tar remain in the mouth and the entire respiratory system. It gets worse as smoking is kept up for years.

This is very hard to get rid of unless you have superior dental hygiene and you STOP

Hope is not lost for those who are rid of the nasty habit but are still suffering the effects. Citrus fruits, peppermint tea, and the antibacterial properties of cranberry juice can help eliminate smoker’s breath.

Apart from stinky breath, notice the white, bumpy lines on the tongues of smokers. Although this may be an indication of other illnesses like allergies or hepatitis, a huge number of smokers have developed the white tongue. This is simply your body saying your immune system is not in top shape. This condition may likely develop further into oral cancer.

Given only these three perils your mouth is in for if you smoke and not counting the rest of the risks your body faces with smoking, your dental experts have every reason to actively advocate against smoking for the sake of your oral health. Where ever you’re at, you can still purge the habit and work towards healing. Your mouth and teeth may be in for some serious damage, but not if you take a firm stand against it.

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