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Dental Braces are the Slow, but Sure Way to Solve Most Orthodontic Problems

The secret to a great smile is not a secret at all. Get dental braces

It has long been a fact that it takes more than white teeth to have a great smile. You see, no matter how old you are, crooked teeth can be a real problem. This is because no amount of oral hygiene can fix crooked teeth. This is where dental braces come in handy. Advantage is seen in kids who have their regular dental checkup as the dentist can keep an eye on these developments. Early corrective measures are then applied.

However, if you have grown with a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, it is still not too late to get the dental braces you would have dreaded to have in your adolescence. There is no age limit to this corrective treatment. What you need to know are the options that would fit you best.

But why should you fix misaligned bites or crooked teeth? What is the big deal? Appearance? Self-confidence?

Do you know that a healthy bite contributes to good dental health? Issues with your bite can lead to TMJ related discomfort like headache and chewing problems. Bite problems may fall under the category of unnoticed problems that eventually TURN into a major dysfunction. Now this is where braces could have been a quick fix. Your orthodontist can determine whether you have an under bite or an overbite. Get expert recommendation to see whether you have either of these.

Care to know more about dental braces?

There is not a single method that works for everyone. Braces consist of bands, wires, and other fixed or removable components depending on the correction needed. All these work towards correcting crooked teeth and aligning the bite. How? It comes with some pain by applying continuous pressure over time to slowly move teeth in the direction they should.

There are now a lot of options for dental braces to fit both need and preference. The most common one is the traditional braces or metal braces. This is where you have the bracket, arch wire, and ligature to hold teeth in place. This is the least expensive type. The good news is it has evolved. Modern brackets now appear less noticeable and have made metal mouths a thing of the past. Then there are the ceramic braces. They cost about $500-$600 more than the traditional braces.

The trade-off for the extra dollars is that these braces appear less noticeable. Although they are the same size and shape as metal braces, they have tooth-colored brackets and wires that appear to blend with the teeth.

The downside is they may acquire stains if not taken care of properly. Then there are the lingual braces which are made of metal, but the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth. They are hidden from view but are difficult to clean.

There are also limits to the extent of correction they are used for. Finally there are also Invisaligns, which are said to be at the forefront of dental technology.

They are the invisible braces that cost a lot. Although they allow you to eat and drink whatever you want at any time, they may be easily lost and are very pricey to replace. Treatment takes longer and are only available for teens and adults. Plus, there is a limit to the treatment it offers on more serious dental problems.

These are a few of the popular choices for dental braces today. Learn more through your experts and tips on dental wellness, visit our website Des Moines Dental Group and book your first consultation with the best in Des Moines at 515-512-5339.

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