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7 Reasons to Visit Your Dental Hygienist Regularly

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Most people rush to dental clinics like the Des Moines Dental Group only when they are suffering. It might be a bad tooth ache, or a slowly advancing gum infection. However, visiting a dental hygienist on a regular basis can prevent the possibility of such a situation. 

Family dentists find that most of these issues are rather easily preventable. Personal dental care is something each person must do for themselves. If you are not brushing and flossing properly, or intentionally avoiding the family dentist – you’re in trouble! 

Dental health experts from the Des Moines Dental Group note that most people get oral problems due to negligence. Therefore, your dental care should always be among your primary daily routines. A dental hygienist specializes in improving these daily practices according to your specific needs. 

These procedures fall under preventive medicine, and family dentists find them most necessary. Regular visits to a dentist also help influence your children to take their personal dental care habits seriously. 


So, what exactly does a Dental Hygienist do? Why should you visit such a specialist, and how often?

These are the questions that most patients would like clear answers to! 

Since the US has some of the best family dentists in the world, poor dental health is unforgivable. It is your personal responsibility to make sure that you and your family have healthy teeth and gums. However, with such busy lives, most people forget the importance of personal dental care. 


Let us take a quick look at 7 reasons to regularly visit a Dental Hygienist – 


1. A Full Family Dental Checkup 

A visit to your dental hygienist is all about personal dental care. Regular teeth cleaning and general checkups help you and your family keep safe from severe dental health problems. However, for the dentist, the family’s oral health also reveals a lot of interesting insights. A hygienist can better predict if your children are more prone to problems like tartar or gingivitis. That’s why family dentists like Des Moines Dental Group offer discounts when the whole family comes in for a checkup. 


2. A Revisal or Your Dental Health History 

One of the most important features of dental hygiene checkups is a complete revisal of your dental treatment history. If you’ve been visiting the same dental hygienist for years, they might not revise your full history each time. However, for a new patient, dental hygienists will scrutinize your full medical history concerning all matters of dental health. This would include everything from any removed teeth, a history of braces, and even a simple dental x-ray. 


3. A Dental Hygienist Visit is Inexpensive 

Since the Affordable Care Act, all preventive dental procedures receive 100% coverage by your insurer. Also, anyone under 18 is automatically eligible for free dental care under most medical insurance schemes. These policies help promote better personal dental care among Americans. They also allow family dentists and clinics like the Des Moines Dental Group provide treatment more affordably. Therefore, it is now affordable for American families to go for full dental checkups at least twice each year. 


4. Your Teeth are Always Clean 

If you’re a smoker, or a lover of black coffee; visit a dental hygienist once every three months. Most family dentists will treat this kind of cleaning as a cosmetic procedure. However, to top clinics like Des Moines Dental Group, tooth cleaning is a preventive dentistry procedure. Since regular cleaning improves your general dental health, it is a necessary part of your healthcare! If you’re visiting your dentist every few months, you won’t have dull and stained teeth. 


5. No Plaque or Tartar Deposits 

Plaque is a bacterial bio-film that collects on your enamel daily. This acidic layer is perhaps one of the worst enemies to your dental health. Usually, brushing and flossing is enough to remove daily plaque. However, if your personal dental care is poor, this bio-film hardens into tartar deposits. Tartar deposits weaken your gums and may cause teeth to fall out early. Regular dental hygienist visits at clinics like Des Moines Dental Group prevent these harmful deposits from building up. 


6. Any Cavities or Infections are Treated Early 

If your personal dental care is thorough, you have little chance of contracting oral infections or dental cavities. However, since most of us give little attention to our dental health, these problems are common among Americans. Family dentists want to deal with these problems as early as possible. Conditions like dental cavities advance rapidly, and early treatment is always more effective. Clinics like the Des Moines Dental Group offer Dental Hygienist services to treat cavities and oral infections early.  


7. Dental Health Problems Don’t Aggravate 

Many people visiting the Des Moines Dental Group receive treatment for chronic problems like tartar deposits or gingivitis.  As family dentists, they also treat children for orthodontic adjustments like braces. Regular visits to a dental hygienist is a guarantee that these problems don’t aggravate. Also, the specialist can identify if your personal dental care is lacking in anyway. After all, if you have any chronic dental health problems, you need some extra care beyond flossing and brushing. 


Visiting a dental hygienist at a family dentist clinic like Des Moines Dental Group is great for your family. We provide the most advanced dental hygienist and cosmetic dentistry services.

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