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Am I brushing my teeth enough? Am I brushing too much?

proper way to brush teeth

Even the most thorough among us often fail to optimize the benefits of brushing without knowing the proper way to brush teeth. Remember, a little more attention to brushing can prepare a solid line of defense against gum infection, root canal infection and tooth decay. Listen to our experts Sarah and Alicia, pro in Des Moines dental care as they speak about why this healthy ritual should be repeated twice daily.

1. Why should I brush my teeth in the morning?

It’s important to brush in the morning as there will be plaque formation inside the mouth and tongue during the night. You should remove the plaque as it causes bad breath. Know the proper way to brush teeth to remove the plaques successfully. Brush your teeth and gums properly, so that your food does not taste stale.

2. Is it okay to skip cleaning my teeth at night?

Nighttime brushing is as important as daytime brushing. Our mouth doesn’t have enough saliva to naturally cleanse the teeth and rinse away food particles which accumulate in the mouth throughout the day. Brushing teeth correctly at night is a must because it gets rid of the food residue effectively which in turn reduces plaque formation.

3. Why should I brush my teeth for 2 minutes?

When you follow the right brushing techniques but skip the 2-minute regime, you are risking the health of your oral life. Most people spend 45 seconds on average for brushing their teeth. But anything less than 2 minutes can cause tooth decay. Set a timer to see the time or simply hum your favorite tune for brushing teeth if you feel bored.

4. Is nighttime brushing more important than daytime brushing?

Proper tooth brushing at night ensures that you have fewer chances of cavities. As brushing eliminates the possibility of plaque formation, you can easily keep cavities at bay. Ideally, you shouldn’t miss your brushing routine both during day and night.

Watch the video to know why you need a proper way to brush teeth twice daily. You shouldn’t miss any of the sessions both at day and night.

5. What kind of brush should I use?

The head of the toothbrush should be small for easy access. It should also have a wide long handle for a better grip so that you can follow the proper brushing technique. Pay attention to the bristles; if the bristles are too abrasive it can wear down the teeth. Don’t go for hard and medium bristles.

6. What kind of toothpaste should I use?

Along with a good toothbrush, it is essential to have a toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride is an essential mineral which helps to keep the enamel strong. The best way to brush your teeth is with an electric toothbrush. However, manual toothbrushes will serve the same purpose if you stick to the 2-minute routine.

7. I have sensitive teeth. Should I follow the regular brushing routine?

Yes, you should follow the same brushing technique. There is no alternative but to adopt a proper way to brush teeth. But, if you are brushing with sensitive toothpaste, you should not rinse it with water. Instead, leave the paste in your mouth, spit out the excess and allow the paste to settle down on the teeth.

8. Should I brush right after I have eaten?

If you want to clean your palate after eating or drinking, you need to wait at least an hour after having food. This is particularly true if you had consumed something acidic like soda, grapefruit or lemons. Don’t hurry to brush. Instead, chew sugarless gum or drink some water to clean the mouth and wait for some time before brushing.

9. How should I store my toothbrush?

After you are done brushing, you should keep your toothbrush upright and allow the bristles to air dry in the open. Don’t keep the toothbrush in a closed container which instigates germs to grow. The best way to brush teeth is with a fluoride toothpaste, but your brush should always be dry.

10. How often should I visit a dentist?

Begin 2020 on a positive note. Make an appointment with your favorite Des Moines dentists at DM Dental today. A check-up every six months is a must, but depending on the severity of the problem, a dentist may recommend frequent visits.

You can avail a few services associated with preventive dentistry at DM Dental. Be it teeth cleaning Urbandale, root canal treatment or teeth whitening, our experts will be more than happy to help.

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