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Prom Preparation Checklist – How to Look Your Best on your Prom Night

Prom preparation is incomplete without teeth whitening

The prom night is a significant event for all high school students. It’s an event that celebrates the transition of high school students to college and adulthood. If you are a student with your prom night approaching, ensure that you look and feel your best on the big night. However, along with excitement, prom brings stress too. To help you prevent any problems and enjoy the event to the fullest, here is a prom preparation checklist. Have a look at it and make sure you do all the tasks (or at least most of them) listed. 

Checklist for Prom Preparation 

1. Choose your Prom Dress 

The first step, as well as the most important element of prom preparation, is choosing your prom dress. Your prom grown will largely influence your overall look on the prom night. An important thing you should keep in mind when it comes to selecting a prom dress, is to invest enough time. Rushing the process may make you end up with something that you don’t like much or that doesn’t suit you well. So, make sure you check out prom dresses in different styles and designs before choosing one. 

2. Choose your Bag and Shoes 

Once you’ve selected your prom dress, your next step is choosing a matching purse or clutch and a pair of formal high heels. Prom shoes come in plenty of options. If you intend to make your dress the focus, go for a pair of prom shoes that are in the color of your dress as that will help your shoes blend in. Neutral colors like black or nude also serve this purpose. To add a bit of sparkle or color to your attire, you may go for a glittery or brightly colored pair of shoes. This principle is applicable for your prom handbag too. 

3. Choose Makeup 

Choosing the right makeup is indeed one of the most important prom preparation tips. Makeup is a great way of expressing yourself on the prom night. Occasions like these are wonderful opportunities of wearing a bit more dramatic makeup than the normal days. If you want to make a style statement, try a winged eyeliner or a smoky eye. Moreover, you can contrast or match your makeup with the color of your dress. In case you’re wearing a neutral colored dress, try adding a pop of color by wearing bright nail polish and lipstick.  

4. Choose your Hairstyle 

When thinking how to prepare for prom, you must be wondering about what hairstyle you should wear… and it makes sense, as your hairstyle can be a gamechanger in how you look on the prom night! The key to choosing a great hairstyle is considering your dress style. If you’re wearing a backless dress, a traditional up do would go best with it. And if it’s a plunging V-neck, let your hair flow. While certain hairstyles do match certain dress styles better, consider choosing a hairstyle with which you’re most comfortable and that you really like.  

5. Choose Jewelry 

Jewelry is a key item on your prom preparation checklist. Choose your prom jewelry depending on your dress’s cut and style. Select pieces that complement the style of your prom gown rather than clashing with it. If your prom dress is a highly embellished one, choose dainty jewelry. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a simple frock, go for flashier jewelry to team it up with. The hairstyle you’re going to have in the event would also determine the type of jewelry that would suit you best. Check out different necklaces and earrings based on whether you would be wearing your hair down or up.  

6. Go for Professional Teeth Whitening 

You would certainly want to look good in prom not just because it’s such a special occasion but also because you would be getting clicked lots of times during your prom night. You would see the photographs of the prom night long after the event is over and would share them with your family and friends. A beautiful smile with white pearly teeth will add a wow factor to your overall look and make sure the photographs are brilliant! So, schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment prior to your prom night. Make sure you choose a reliable dentist while going for teeth whitening for prom 

7. Decide Things to Bring Along to Prom 

Plan in advance the things needed for prom. One of the most valuable tips to prepare for prom is determining what you need to carry with you to the prom night. Prom bags are usually small, and so, your space for carrying the necessities is limited. Some useful emergency provisions which you should bring along include extra breath mints, bandages, safety pins, and bobby pins. Besides, leave some space for cash, keys, cell phone, prom ticket, and lipstick.  


Preparing for prom night will now be easier with this handy prom preparation checklist. Although there are many other things to take care of, this checklist will help you remember some of the fundamental things to do before prom. So, kickstart your prom preparation and sport your best look on the prom night!  

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