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7 Effective Prom Day Tips for Parents

prom day tips

The prom is a significant occasion for most American teenagers, a celebration when high school ends and they step into adulthood. Parents of teenagers going for prom are usually concerned about their teens’ safety and are always looking for ways to reduce the chances of something bad happening on prom day. Following are some prom day tips for parents of teenagers to help them out make sure the event is good and safe for their kids. 

Prom Day Tips for Parents 

1. Get Involved in Prom Preparation with Your Teen 

Participate in the shopping. Accompany your daughter when she goes to purchase her dress. It’s fun and exciting to shop with your teens for the prom day. However, let your son or daughter set the level of excitement. Several parents tend to go overboard as they remember their own proms, and the kids feel that they need to have a “blow-out” to ensure that they make great memories too. 

2. Know the Prom Plans and Post-Prom Plans 

The type of prom parents need to be concerned about is the “Ten minute prom”, in which the official event lasts for 10 minutes following which the kids leave for their own partying. In case the prom will go that way, the after-prom activities need to be planned. Whatever is planned, it should be something in which most kids go. It’s safest when many kids are involved. Trouble starts when kids split up forming several small groups. 

3. Arrange for Transportation 

You can arrange for a van or a limo in which many kids can travel together. Besides, avoid giving your teen your credit card.  

4. Have a Clear Discussion on Drinking 

Although it may appear that whatever you tell your kids about drinking will simply be ignored by them, however, the truth is that your opinion matters. Studies show that parents absolutely influence how their kids see and treat alcohol. Hence, have a discussion on underage drinking and let your kid know your stance on it as well as on drinking and driving.  

5. Help Your Kid Look Good in Prom 

All teens want to look their best at prom night. So, this is another area where you can extend your help when your kid is preparing for prom night. If you have a daughter, help her choose the right dress, hairdo, makeup, and accessories. If you have a son, help him with choosing the tuxedo and hairstyle. Besides, make sure your teen has a bright white smile by scheduling an appointment for teeth whitening for prom. A professional teeth whitening for prom can remarkably enhance the look of your kid. Plus, it will lead to way better photographs that would be cherished for years after the prom day.  

6. Set Check-in Times 

Ensure that you can be reached by phone for the whole time your teen is out of home. Ask your kid to call you twice at the least during the evening at specified times. 

7. Establish a Curfew 

Have a discussion on this long before the event. Establish a fair curfew for the prom night – it would be later than other times but still should be within reason. 


These are some of the effective tips to prepare for prom for parents. These prom day tips can help parents ensure that their kid has a great prom but also is safe and away from any trouble.  

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