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Science has long provided solutions to concerns that make us, humans, halt. This includes advancement and innovation in orthodontia

Orthodontics Technology

Who helps dentists straighten our teeth, replace what’s missing, and give us a better bite?

The question is not who. The question is what. Orthodontics technology  has long been hailed for providing comfortable and easy relief for dental conditions. The advent of clear brackets is just one visible proof of the amazing things orthodontics technology can bring. What is orthodontic technology? It is dental technology that is concerned with the design and fabrication of dental appliances. This technology is aimed at correcting teeth misalignment.  

Modern practices have exceedingly evolved over the years

There was a time when tooth extraction was the main method used for a majority of dental problems. Brackets and wires were one-size and standard for all. The modern orthodontic practitioners of today have been adopting technology that not only eliminates extraction as the sole solution for dental problems, but also presents easier relief and improved level of comfort for all who take advantage of it. Results have been reportedly impressive. 

Thanks to modern day orthodontia, better results are achieved with far less discomfort and shorter treatment time than ever before possible. Consider the Insignia, for instance. Custom-made smiles are made possible through this example of orthodontic technology. Orthodontists have been able to create custom-designed brackets and wires as opposed to the traditional one-sized standard that was acceptable in the past.

How is this done?

Technology incorporated the magic of 3D in treatment planning and creation of brackets and wires customized specifically for each patient. This makes the Insignia so precise along with the orthodontist’s modifications on the ideal smile for every patient. 

These innovative advances allow dental professionals to deliver better results and a higher level of comfort for patients while improving their practice with efficiency and growth. By continuing to be aware of the latest technologies, orthodontic specialists are empowered and better equipped to help guide their patients in selecting the most appropriate treatment options available today to achieve their ultimate desired result.  

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