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Master the Art of Halloween Oral Hygiene Habits with These 9 Tips

oral hygiene habits for a better Halloween

There are some evergreen oral hygiene habits like flossing, brushing and rinsing which can never go wrong. But a healthy mouth takes more than squeezing toothpaste or improving your flossing technique or ditching your occasional sodas. Our dentists at DM Dental have spoken about 9 tips which when followed regularly will help you to have a fun-filled Halloween.  

Give up on crunching & sucking

After you slurp down iced water or the cold soda, you are almost tempted to crunch on the ice. 8 out of 10 people do not understand that crunching ice is bad for dental health. The cold and brittle ice cubes can cause small fractures on enamels leading to huge dental problems. Crushed ice may be a better alternative than ice cubes, but dentists remain skeptical. 

Restrict your children from retaining pits of fruits like apricots, peaches and plums in their mouth, suck on them to crunch later. It’s something that may lead to crooked or chipped tooth. Undue stress on teeth can lead to cracks, so beware of food like popcorn kernels.  

avoid sucking and crunching as oral hygiene habits

Your Tooth are not Tools 

We have a habit of using our teeth for odd jobs like to tear a bag of potato chips, uncap a bottle of jam, pull out the watch stem or rip a price tag. Why risk a chipped or cracked tooth or weaken your teeth with such absurd practices? These activities can cause teeth trauma leading to urgent dental care. Keep pliers and scissors handy to do all these odd jobs instead. 

Love Thy Neighbor: Tongue & Tooth Both Need Care 

When we think of oral health, tooth comes first to the mind. We often neglect our gums and tongue, especially tongue. But take care of your tongue as well. Take an effort to remove plaque from tongue. Accumulation of plaque leads to mouth odor and other dental issues. Unremoved plaque can harden into calculus buildup giving way to gingivitis. Brush your tongue gently every time you brush your teeth.  

Like your Liquids Especially Water 

As part of preventive dental care, your dentist must have already recommended limited sodas, acidic and sugary foods. Being mindful about your diet helps as this will ultimately save a lot of money on tooth decay treatment. Curb your sugar craving which is a little difficult in Halloween considering tradition demands you have lots of candies.   

But go easy on your teeth. Do not forget to add more water to your diet which not only improves oral health but is effective for health in general. Drink at least a glass of water after each meal as it helps to reduce harmful effects of acidic and sticky beverages and food items.  

oral hygiene habits for best result

Choose the right toothbrush 

Always go for toothbrushes with soft bristles. Hard brushes are a complete no when you brush regularlyIf you follow the right technique, your brush will last for 2-3 months maxReplace it immediately, if you notice bent bristles. Don’t wait for your brush to die on you. A scattered tip can be injurious to your gums, so change it now!  

A little fluoride had never hurt anyone 

Fluoride in your toothpaste protects the tooth surface and strengthens your gum and teeth. Why not keep some fluoride residue in your mouthIt probably makes no sense to do it in the morning when you are going to office because you may swallow it. But allow fluoride to sit on your teeth after you brush in the night by not rinsing it with water. Often an out-of-box technique can save your teeth in the long run! 

importance of brushing to retain good dental health

Oral cancer screening is a must

Oral cancer screening does not need any special preparation. You just need to visit your dentist from time to time to find out whether your dental health is perfect condition. Make it a point to go for your routine dental appointment. Some dentists may use some special tests along with routine check up to check for abnormalities or lumps. 

Start a dental routine early

A child’s baby teeth are equally important as permanent teeth, so if a child loses baby tooth to decay it is really bad news! It will disrupt the space making it difficult for adult teeth to fill in. Introduce your child to a proper dental routine early. Inculcating a good dental routine from infancy to adulthood will help a person to keep gums and teeth healthy. 

preventive dental care

Destress and stop teeth grinding 

When you are stressed, you tend to clench your teeth or slide them back and forth. This action known as teeth grinding or bruxism should not be ignored. Consult your dentist immediately and get yourself treated. And do not miss on a healthy smile on the Holiday postcard. 

A few simple lifestyle changes and a solid dental routine can help you to combat teeth problems. Soak in the holiday spirit and usher New Year in style by indulging in good oral hygiene habits. Consult our dentists at DM Dental to fix an appointment!

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