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Do You Know What Fluoride Actually does for Your Teeth?

Fluoride is called the cavity fighter for good reason. Let us tell you precisely why

Why is fluoride called the superhero that fights cavities?

The story of the teeth has a lot to do with why fluoride is hailed as such. Before teeth grow and break through the gums, fluorides already play a significant role in the health and wellness of the teeth. Food intake is already actively making the tooth enamel hard and strong. This makes teeth naturally resistant to tooth decay. As the teeth grow and become exposed to acid and sugar, they become susceptible to decay.

Again, jumps in and helps the teeth reverse early signs of decay. Through continued intake of food and fluids with fluorides content, the teeth continue to have a fighting chance against decay. Fluorides help rebuild the weakened enamel. Fluoride from toothpaste that remains on the surface of the teeth act as a protective coating and rebuild weakened enamel.

Seeing as how important fluorides is to the wellness of your teeth, how do you ensure you have enough to go around? First, know the sources of fluorides that are within your reach. Who knows, you already unconsciously have the desired fluoride sources in your daily diet and dental habits.

The first and most important way you can be sure that you are consistently providing a supply of fluoride into your mouth is brushing your teeth. This good old habit can never grow old. Brushing your teeth two times a day for two minutes gives the surface of your teeth the needed fluoride protection to shield it from cavities.

Most toothpaste contains fluorides. There are people who may be suffering from fluorosis; hence some toothpaste eliminates fluoride as a component. Other agents used for dental care like mouthwash or mouth rinse also add to the fluoride protection for the teeth.

What about supplements?

Fluorides are also available in the form of drops and supplements. In a normal situation, this is not necessary as most of us do not need extra fluorides than we already have. Dentists may recommend supplements on rare occasions, but most of the time, the regular fluorides intake you have is quite enough.

Water may also contain fluoride. In the 1940s, when fluoride was first added to water, no dental product contained fluoride. So you see, there is no way you can miss out on fluoride. It has become readily available over time. Some people even worry about having too much fluoride intake than what’s recommended.

Everything now boils down to keeping a consistent dental care habit. Watch what you eat. Sweets are not all they’re cracked up to be. Make sure your toothpaste and mouthwash have fluorides content. Given the regular application of fluorides through brushing your teeth, cavities have a smaller chance of getting to your teeth. For more insights and expert advice on your dental health, reach out to the best in Iowa – Des Moines Dental Group.

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