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Here’s what you need to know about dental sealants and why they matter to your dental health regimen

Here’s what you need to know about dental sealants

Dental sealants. Get to know the kind of cavity protection that takes shape in the form of your teeth.

What are dental sealants?

Sealants are thin, plastic coatings. They cover the entire surface of your teeth by matching the shape and form. Sealants form the protective covering on the grooves and cracks on the surface of your teeth.

You know how food particles like to settle in the grooves and cracks of teeth. In the rear teeth where the grooves and cracks are deep, bacteria tend to settle, too. Although you may be brushing daily, these grooves and cracks are difficult to keep completely clean. This makes tooth decay inevitable.

Dental sealants fight risks of cavity formation, especially in your molars. The material bonds with the enamel of the teeth and hardens, taking the shape of the teeth. When applied, dental sealants create a protective barrier that protects teeth against bacteria and plaque from food particles that remain in the mouth.

Dental sealants, in short, are quick and effective solutions against cavities.

Recent studies suggest that dental sealants have gained more credibility in the arena of cavity protection. Sealants made of resin, glass ionomer, polyacid-modified resin, and resin-modified glass ionomers are the best quality available. This makes dental sealant more effective than fluoride treatment according to many studies.

They are compliant of the updated sealant guidelines. Dental sealants are evaluating according to their long-term ability to fend off dental caries.

Two years or longer is a reasonable time frame that indicates the effectiveness of dental sealants.

Studies show that kids and adolescents benefit more from dental sealants. They have a fighting chance against cavities compared to those without sealants.

There have been no reports of adverse effects from the use of dental sealants to this day. This is why dental sealant is currently the top choice for routine preventive dental services.

As experts would say, even kids at a young age can take advantage of the benefits of sealants. In fact, children are more appropriate candidates for treatments using dental sealant. After all, you want to be way ahead of the foe and put a barrier on the likelihood of cavities early in life.

Adolescence is the prime timeline for application of dental sealants. Why?

This is the time when most of the molars are already permanent. Receiving dental sealants equip adolescents with the protection they need. They will less likely have a chance to develop cavities by 80% compared to those without dental sealants. Sealants are quick and easy to administer. They’re so simple and pain-free, they will make small kids and even adults fear to go to the dentist a lot less. You do not have to worry about aesthetics, even, as dental sealant does not interfere with the look of your teeth.

Sealants are completely clear plastic coatings. You can expect no discomfort during or after their application. It’s a simple solution to the most common oral health problem and it totally works.

Help your teeth remain totally intact with the aid of dental sealants.

Once in place, a dental sealant is good for 5 to 10 years. This makes them a reliable long-term treatment compared to options like regular fluoride washes.  Do you want to know more about dental sealants and how you can personally benefit from them? Ask your experts at Des Moines Dental Group.

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