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How should kids maintain proper dental care while enjoying their holiday sweets?

Holiday Sweets like Lollipops are Terrible for Dental Care

What Keeps Your Kids on Their Toes During Holiday Season? Sweets & Treats!

Ho! Ho! Ho! ‘Tis the season of joy even more so for kids who look forward to presents and abundant holiday sweets! However, with the of gifts and treats come dangers like cavities. It is all fun and games until a toothache spoils the fun. Good dental care is the only way to prevent this dreaded situation.

Your children expect candy canes, warm choco chip cookies, and colorful creamy cupcakes coming with the holidays. However, you don’t always need to associate tooth decay with that delightful vision! There are dental care methods to keep your kids’ teeth safe without barring their precious holiday sweets.

Christmas Cookies Make the Perfect Holiday Sweets, and Easier to Rinse off for Dental Care Purposes
Awesome Christmas Cookies!

How can your kids enjoy holiday sweets and ensure proper dental care?

Timing is everything. You don’t want to forbid holiday sweets that your kids are enjoying while the adults indulge their own holiday fun. So, timing will help regulate sweet intake and minimize the damage on kids’ dental health. Give your kids their dose of holiday sweets with meals, or shortly after to balance it out with other food. The higher salivation during mealtime and helps wash away residual sugar in the mouth.


Are some holiday sweets better than others for dental care?

Be picky with your choice of holiday sweets. Sticky sweets like caramel are terrible for dental care. Sticky  sweets that cling to the teeth are more damaging than several chocolate chip cookies which easily wash off. The longer the sweets stay in the mouth, the greater harm it poses on the teeth. See, acid stays longer, too, and it gets bacteria to produce cavities. So you see, some holiday sweets are more harmful than others. Keep your kids away from the sticky ones, and stay jolly in the holidays.


Can starch harm my kid’s teeth as much as sugar?

Dental care is also about knowing which foods damage our teeth. Although starch isn’t as harmful as sugar, it can also damage your teeth. Starch, and other carb-rich foods like cake, gingerbread, and cookies can also harm your teeth. So, if you let the kids enjoy starchy foods like cakes, cookies, or chips; be sure to push them towards better dental care. Entice them into flossing and brushing regularly, so they can properly clean food particles and dental plaque.


Are nuts okay?

Chestnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, and other nuts come in crazy variety in the holiday season, too. Some nuts are fine as they are not super hard. Be wary of hard nuts. Like hard candy, nuts also pose a threat on your kids’ teeth. Unless your dental care routine has given you super-strong teeth, hard nuts may cause enamel chipping or fractures. Don’t let your kids test their teeth by shelling nuts like walnuts or Brazil nuts. Get a cool nutcracker and add fun to the holiday treats! Better yet, pre-shelled the nuts and keep the kids’ teeth intact!


What’s the most effective way to rinse?

Well, there’s mouthwash, sparkling grape juice, soda…the list can go on! When you can’t brush just yet, there is no better rinse than water. Rinse with water to clear food particles in the mouth. Fluoride in water helps protect teeth. If you have alkaline water within reach, that’s even better. Alkaline water regulates oral acidity and kill the bacteria that form the plaque. For your kids, warm milk after holiday sweets is the perfect rinse.


How to maintain proper dental hygiene?

Brushing two minutes twice a day should be a statutory practice for life! As a matter of fact, only allow holiday sweets on menu if there’s brushing and flossing after. Help the kids be responsible about taking care of their own teeth and personal dental hygiene routines.

In addition to this, there is another thing to look out for towards better dental care. Honor your dental appointments. Teeth cleaning and scheduled dentist visits are even more imperative whenever they are scheduled within the holiday season. The dentist can detect any early signs of tooth decay or cavities. Do not skip these appointments lest Santa puts one bad deed on the naughty list for you! Putting off anything that concerns dental health is never a good idea. Help kids realize early on that their natural teeth are irreplaceable.

Cakes and Holiday Sweets Define Christmas, But Follow Proper Dental Care Practices
Cakes are the Perfect Holiday Sweets

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