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Healthy Food for Your Children’s Teeth


Children are little bundles of joy. Their spirit is infectious. They are a joy to have around and they brighten up everything around them. It is the job of the parents or the guardians to take care of their health, physical as well as oral. Especially in the case of children, oral health is very important. Children’s teeth are especially susceptible to cavities. They are not mindful of what they eat, and it is imperative for adults around them to supervise what they eat.

There are foods that qualify as healthy food and children should be encouraged to consume these on a regular basis. Celery, apples, and carrots are good for teeth. If you can have your child drink water that has fluoride in it, that is the best. Eggs have protein, vitamin D, and phosphates that are all good for tooth enamel. Broccoli and other green vegetables are also very good for teeth because they are steeped in essential minerals and vitamins.

Here is a list of foods that are good for the teeth, that you can be presented to children in a sumptuous manner.

  • Add some berries to low fat yogurt to make it scrumptious.
  • Fresh watermelon, sliced and de-seeded, could be a healthy option in the summer.
  •  If your little darling turns his or her nose up at the idea of vegetables, serve them with their favorite dip.
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese is a mouth-watering combination.
  • Apples and cheddar cheese are a yummy combination.
  • If you add some coconut flakes to it, unsalted almonds may not taste as drab.
  • Broccoli is a crunchy vegetable and is known to be good for teeth. Serve it with meals.
  • All dairy products are good for teeth. These are high in calcium and is good for bone and enamel.
  • Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C, which reduces bacteria inside the mouth.

There are some oral hygiene habits that need to be inculcated into children from a very young age.

  • Brushing twice a day is not negotiable.
  • Flossing regularly is also an imperative.
  • Using mouthwash at regular intervals should be part of the routine.
  • Children should drink as much water as possible. It cleans the mouth of stubborn food and bacteria.
  • If they have food high in sugar or starch, they should ideally brush their teeth right afterwards.
  • Caramel and candy stick to teeth. Carbonated drinks and potato chips are also on the list. You can ban your children from having these, but you can ask them to brush their teeth right after they have them.

Let us be practical. It will not always be possible to have children eat healthy food. They are going to eat hard candy and colas, whether you like it or not. The trick is to manage their oral health, in spite of all the unhealthy stuff. Left to themselves, the probably never will take care of their teeth. For information about what you should do to ensure that your children’s teeth are safe, contact Des Moines Dental Group and schedule an appointment.

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