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Don’t Let Too Much Halloween Candy Lead to the Dentist’s Chair

Des Moines Dental Group discusses preventing a visit to the dentist after enjoying Halloween candy.

Most kids in the US go wild on All Hallow’s Eve. However, all that excess Halloween candy is very bad news for growing teeth! Des Moines Dental Group, like any other dentists’ clinic in the US, knows this problem well. Also, ignoring oral hygiene after Halloween Candy might lead to dental caries or worse. 

Children collecting Halloween Candy aren’t calculating how much they eat or evaluating the downsides.

However, there is some relief for parents all over the US worrying about their child’s possible emergency dentist visit. Specialist pediatric dentists from Des Moines have a few tips that will help keep your children’s teeth safe. 

Also, there is a new program that saves teeth and spreads happiness at the same time. 

Emergency dentists are always there to help. However, you must groom your children into maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits. Children should make a habit of caring for their teeth early in life. It becomes difficult to pick up such habits later. 

With the 31st of October around the corner, the Des Moines Dental Group wants parents to be ready. So, let’s explore ways to prevent Halloween Candy from leading to the dentist’s chair –  

How Different Foods Can Affect Your Teeth 

Before discussing specific precautions for the Halloween season, we must understand a few fundamentals of oral hygiene. It is often difficult to convince children to brush their teeth responsibly. However, getting the child to an emergency dentist may be even more troublesome! 

Family and pediatric dentists like Des Moines Dental Group see a lot of families simply ignoring their oral health. Many people are unaware of the damage some foods other than Halloween candy cause to our oral health. Any form of sugars on your teeth for long will turn acidic and eat away at your enamel.

These problems escalate faster thanks to diets high on soda and carbs. People don’t realize that potato chips can be nearly as bad for your teeth as Halloween candy. Sticky candy sugar can be difficult to clean properly. However, if not properly cleaned, even the starch in a potato chip damages your teeth in similar ways to sugar. 

Children will indulge in junk food as often as they can. It becomes the parents’ responsibility to prevent their child’s possible tooth decay.  

Make sure your child follows the dentist’s advice on regular brushing and oral hygiene practices. Remind them that a few minutes of brushing and proper rinsing each day keeps the emergency dentist as bay. 

The Des Moines Dental Group’s 5 Oral Hygiene Tips for Halloween

The fundamental features of daily dental care like brushing and flossing are statutory for all. However, during the Halloween season, it is the excess and abundance of sweets that becomes a problem. 

Every pediatric dentist from Des Moines would have their own special dental health care tips for children. However, the DM Dental Group has narrowed it down to 4 important points –  

  1. Don’t brush more than twice a day. It plays havoc with the Ph levels in your mouth. Brushing too often will kill off the good bacteria, which protect your teeth from acid build-up.
  2. Sticky Halloween candy tends to remain stuck to the crevasses between teeth. After having any kind of sticky candy like caramel, you should always rise with water. 

  3. Jaw-breakers are NOT chewable! This classic American hard candy is very popular as a Halloween candy treat. However, these large balls of sugar are too hard to chew. Children may chip or hurt their soft teeth trying to break the jaw-breaker.

  4. Make an appointment within a week from Halloween with a good pediatric dentist. Des Moines has only a few good dentists, so book your appointment early to avoid any rush.  

Emergency Dentists for Halloween Candy Related Problems

According to the best pediatric dentists from Des Moines Dental Group, the primary problems requiring emergency after Halloween is –  

  • Toothaches: Typically cased due to infections that have reached the nerve pulp beneath the enamel; a toothache is quite painful! However, emergency dentists often find it extremely difficult to explain to the children than some sensitivity remains as the infection heals.
  • Cavities: Dental caries needs to be filled in after drilling, which is a great fear among most children (and adults). Although they may start as a tiny indent on the crown but eat away at the enamel at astounding speed. 

The Des Moines Dental Group, as well as other pediatric dentists near Des Moines must deal with such issues urgently. As their emergency dentists, these patients need immediate attention. 

Children won’t have the patience to reason while they have a toothache. The only solutions to these problems are awareness and good habits. Parents must teach their children that too many sweets and bad oral hygiene mean visiting the emergency dentist. Perhaps that motivation will deter them from overdoing their Halloween candy and get them to brush properly.

 A Special Healthcare Program that Children Love – Candy for Cash

The candy buyback program was first started in Wisconsin back in 2007. About 300 dentists decided to offer a US $1 per pound to buy back all the excess Halloween candy. 

Usually, children are quite full of sweets within a day or two after Halloween. However, many of them have mounds of assorted candy lying about the house.

Dentists are usually the medical professionals dealing with the primary problems of munching on excessive sweets. Also, clinics like Des Moines Dental Group always see a huge rush of children visiting them after Halloween. The common problems include dental cavities or plaque buildup. This brought about the first Halloween Candy Buyback Program. 

Today, nearly 3000 dentists from the USA, including top pediatric dentists from Des Moines participate in this philanthropic program. After all, does your child really need all that Halloween Candy? So why not give it better purpose?

Firstly, you can look for a participating dentist near you using the online zip code locator.  Although some areas may not have a participating dentist, you’re sure to find one within a few miles. Secondly, your children will be more than happy to exchange their excess candy for a few dollars of pocket-money. Eventually, American Troops distribute this candy among poor children in conflict zones through programs like Operation Gratitude.

The Des Moines Dental Group have been emergency dentists and pediatric specialists for over 40 years. Hence, several families living near the Des Moines area trust their child’s dental care and long-term oral health to the DM Dental Group. Their services also include orthodontic treatments like braces. Call us at 515-512-5339 or schedule your appointment online today.

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