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There are several helpful ways to deal with the discomfort brought about by the growth of wisdom teeth. Find relief in these tips from your dental health expert


There is a good reason why wisdom teeth are named the third molars

It has a lot to do with how they grow. They are the third and last molars on the upper and lower jaws and the last teeth to show up, usually beyond the normal developmental window. There are wisdom teeth that grow crooked; thus, they partially emerge, causing pain and disease in some.

In other cases, they grow sideways and push against other teeth; while others tilt against the jaw. This is because when they show up, there is little or no room for them. Sometimes, impacted teeth may grow painlessly. Other times, it may cause the gum to swell or get infected. This brings about the pain. Nearby teeth are often affected, too. Impacted teeth are also tough to clean, so they are susceptible to tooth decay more than the rest of the teeth. So you know the basic information about impacted teeth.

What is the best way to deal with impacted teeth?

Take no action if they don’t bother you and treat them the same way you treat regular teeth. Keep them brushed well. If the impacted tooth causes pain, it is a good idea to have your dentist examine the impacted tooth, so a decision can be made on whether it should be removed or not. This is of utmost importance because keeping an impacted tooth that needs to be removed may lead to one of many complications.

Its growth alone may lead to gum infection if the direction it is moving towards tear through the gums in an abnormal direction. Its growth may also cause damage to other teeth or risk infection in the area where it pushes against other teeth. It may even set off the rest of the teeth to move in an unfavorable direction. This may require treatment to correct or straighten the rest of the teeth.

Another unwanted complication is the cyst

In worse cases, the impacted tooth develops a sac in the jawbone that fills with fluid. More often than not, this necessitates a surgical procedure. Hence, early diagnosis of impacted teeth helps to avoid these complications. Since there is no way to prevent the growth of impacted teeth, beat it before it erupts to give you unwelcome discomfort.

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