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If You Have Diabetes, Here’s Another Reason to Avoid Sweets

The sweet that hurts more is from Diabetes, not tooth decay

There are numerous factors that can pose harm to your teeth. One of the most cliche and obvious ones is sweets! Unfortunately, sweets do more than just damage your teeth. They aggravate the symptoms of diseases like diabetes. But can diabetes cause your teeth to fall off?

Can diabetes cause tooth decay and affect your gums?

Yes, yes, and yes. Among the many risks diabetes brings to your health, the ones it brings to your mouth is highly alarming. You become more prone to dental problems than others without this illness. Gum infections are likely to arise along with the weakening of the bones that hold the teeth in place.

So yes, your teeth are at greater risk to fall off. High blood sugar causes dry mouth, which aggravates gum diseases. However, this is also usually a symptom of underlying diabetes. It starts with soreness, mouth ulcers, and tooth decay. It also reduces the blood supply to the gums. Periodontal diseases lead to pain when chewing and difficulty in eating.

Although they may be independent illnesses, it would make sense to have your blood sugar level checked if you are having these symptoms. When diabetes is undetected and blood sugar is not controlled, the high glucose level in your saliva helps bacteria and plaque thrive in your teeth. You know what this means.

It can only get worse and lead to tartar. You wouldn’t even want to get there. Recent studies have uncovered that it is a two-way street. If you have diabetes, you are more susceptible to having gum problems. Likewise, if you have gum problems, you are highly likely promote the progression of diabetes.

Why is diabetes such a pain to the teeth? Isn’t it causing enough trouble to your body as it is? Well, yes, and the effects of diabetes to your body reaches far. Having high blood sugar lowers the ability to resist infection and slows healing in gum infections caused by diabetes itself. So keep in mind that good blood glucose control is key to preventing mouth problems.

Is there any cure for those already suffering dental issues due to diabetes?

Absolutely. There is only one. Keep your sugar under control. It takes strict discipline to manage this disease, and tons of self control should come from you. The main key is controlled diet. It is all too easy to binge on chocolates, cakes, white bread, rice, and the like. These all belong to the food group that is deemed to guarantee a full stomach.

However, they all have one component from which diabetes feeds from – sugar. If you cannot eliminate, reduce your intake of these food with high sugar content. Maintain good oral hygiene and treat infections right away. Diabetics who employ good dental habits with insulin control have better chances of avoiding gum and teeth damage.

Understand that prevention is in your hands. Manage the illness by knowing what you’re up against and working for, not against, your body. Do not forget to put in some effort on exercise. Your dentist, hand in hand with your physician, will encourage it.

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