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Understand Emergency Tooth Pain Before You Regret

Toothaches can be a major inconvenience, that’s something we can all agree on. Neglecting them is like ignoring that leaky pipe which seems insignificant but can flood your home if not given attention. So, before your emergency tooth pain situation cries out for a ‘dentist near me search’, here is what you should know. We don’t think you will be willing to postpone that oh-so-long-forgotten dental checkup anymore. 

Shout out for dental emergencies: 

First, let’s find out what kind of dental issues are worth giving your dentist a call in the middle of the night. 

  • Knocked-out permanent tooth 
  • Painful and nagging toothache  
  • Bleeding from teeth which will not stop 
  • Visible painful swelling 
  • An injured jaw 

Fact # 1: 

There are different kinds of tooth pain 

Identify the nature of your tooth pain. Is it just a fleeting moment of discomfort or is it my-tooth-pain-is-killing-me-now situation? We often neglect common problems like an abscessed tooth, a cavity, an old crack, or gum infections. Think about the frequency and magnitude of your pain– a sudden spike in both calls for emergency help. It is no longer just an issue of ‘sensitive teeth’ if the pain persists without being provoked by touch or chewing. 

Fact #2: 

Control an emergency tooth pain. Think again! 

This sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it isYou might be able to manage your pain temporarily with over-the-counter pain medication, but it won’t do anything to solve the root of your problem. Make an appointment to see your dentist immediately for severe toothaches, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before you take any medicine, consult your physician. Some pain relievers like Aspirin are known as blood thinners and can cause more problems down the road. 

Fact #3:  

Catch them young! 

Not the dentists. They still need their degree to treat you. We mean tooth pain. It is easy to know about the tell-tale signs of early tooth decay. Look for bleeding gums, teeth sensitivity or painful chewing. Before they turn into emergency tooth pain, visit your dentists at DM Dental. 

Fact #4:  

A sudden visit from the tooth fairy

If you have children, you’re probably aware of how exciting a visit from the tooth fairy is, but as an adult? Not so much. If you have a wiggly tooth, don’t plan on a visit from the tooth fairy, plan a visit to your dentist instead. Additionally, if the wiggly tooth is not painful, that’s a sign of something more serious because it indicates a hidden tooth injury. If your gums are bleeding in addition to your teeth wiggling, this points to advanced gum disease. Do not leave this issue untreated, because extreme cases could potentially put you at risk of a heart attack.  

Fact #5: 

Home remedies are the best! 

Yes, rinsing your mouth with warm water or using a cold compress can bring down swelling or inflammation. Gargling with salt water can also help prevent bacterial growth in infected areas of your mouth. Even cloves can temporarily reduce discomfort and pain in your teeth. But remember, only professional assistance can offer a long-term fix.  

Fact #6:

My toothache has disappeared 

This would be a miracle, and we’re sorry to break your bubble, but no one’s that lucky. Sudden loss of pain and sensation in your teeth means that your situation has progressed to the next level, which is not good. In most cases, this points to an abscess that’s gotten so close to a nerve that it’s managed to numb the entire area. If your tooth pain gets to this level, that means it’s time to go for that long overdue root canal! 


Metallic taste in the mouth 

You’re (hopefully) not including pennies and dimes in your diet, so the next most probable cause for this issue is that you have a broken filling. A broken filling needs to be fixed immediately before it turns into a bigger problem. Often the bitter taste in mouth is accompanied by a sudden shooting pain. Watch out for these pains! It’s your mouth telling you that it’s not happy!  

Do not neglect the unexpected pain surge! Contact our team of dental experts at DM Dental who can handle any emergency. 

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