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Proper Dental Care to Ensure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Give You Dental Plaque

Dental Plaque Removal and Daily Dental Care During Halloween

Halloween a couple of weeks away, and so is a great increase in dental plaque. This is the season when family dentists like the Des Moines Dental Group find most people ignoring their dental care! Among Americans, children are the most careless about their regular dental hygiene routines.

After a long hard evening of Trick or Treating, children will likely have a large booty of assorted candies.

In the coming months, these sweets will be a cause of concern for all pediatric dentists. Des Moines based dental clinics will be just as busy as other clinics across the US.

Identifying Dental Plaque

Clinics like Des Moines Dental Group regularly attend to families as oral hygienists. It is very evident that most people don’t even realize what plaque is, or how it forms.

Dental plaque is a bacterial biofilm that microbes secrete while feeding off sugars. This sugar content can be simple cane or corn sugars, other types of candy, or carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that you need proper dental care even after savory foods like potato chips or pretzels.

Unfortunately, plaque mostly hides between teeth. This is the corners of your teeth which are tough to clean properly.

You can feel a coating of plaque on your tongue by running it over your teeth a while after eating. However, most people ignore this bacterial growth till it causes a cavity. Therefore, most pediatric dentists from Des Moines attend patients who have not received clinical plaque removal procedures.

Over time, layers of dental plaque will increase the acid levels of your mouth through chemical changes. Gradually, without proper dental care, this high acidity will start eating away your enamel layer.

Why Does Dental Plaque Increase During Halloween?

Children (and many adults) will have no control over their sugar consumption during the holiday season. The abundance of assorted candy during Halloween will tempt anyone to have a toffee or two every now and then. These frequent sweets are the primary cause of dental plaque.

For clinics like the Des Moines Dental Group, spreading awareness about plaque becomes more difficult than removing dental plaque.

A good cleaning session with potassium salts followed by rinsing with fluoride-rich water is usually enough for plaque removal. However, you can’t brush and floss after every bite you eat. This enhances plaque growth over time. Certain medicines and illnesses may also cause dental plaque. Yet, there is no specific solution to this simple problem.

Pediatric dentists from Des Moines can’t help children if their parents do not have good dental care routines. However, most people ignore the bio-film throughout the day. Also, it is specifically during Halloween that plaque becomes a real problem. Snacking on sweets or carbohydrate-rich foods throughout the day is bound to increase dental plaque.

Dental Care Methods for Safe Dental Plaque Removal

Since dental plaque is not a severe disease or illness, you don’t necessarily need a dentist for clinical plaque removal. A bit of regular dental care will keep your mouth completely plaque free.

However, it is still advisable to get a complete clinical plaque removal every few months. Pediatric dentists from Des Moines suggest at least one session for plaque removal for children each month!

Here are a few simple dental care routines to help you control plaque during Halloween

Mouthwash for Dental Plaque

You should not brush and floss more than twice a day. However, in the few weeks after Halloween, you will probably be having sweets every few hours.

The best pediatric dentists from Des Moines claim that most children sneak in a few sweets after brushing. The solution is using a medicated mouthwash at least 4 times a day. The mouthwash will kill a lot of the microbial growth in your mouth. This deters the development of dental plaque throughout the day. Also, sugar-free chewing gum helps reduce plaque growth by increasing saliva secretion.

Another unique solution is fluoride water. Try and shift to drinking fluoridated water for the holiday season. Also, try and rise your mouth a few times before swallowing the water. This helps the fluoride kill the bacterial biofilm and clean your enamel with each drink of water!

A Thorough Daily Dental Care Routine

Most people have heard that they need to brush and floss twice daily. However, many Americans do not follow a thorough daily dental care routine.

Pediatric dentists in Des Moines like the DM Dental Group ask parents to follow a good oral hygiene routine. Children usually follow their parents’ daily habits closely.

At the Des Moines Dental Group, oral hygienists try to help children understand the need for proper dental care. However, if parents are careless about their dental care habits, the children are less likely to take such advice seriously.

Remember the 5 golden rules of brushing properly to remove dental plaque:

  • Always be slow and meticulous while brushing
  • Let the toothpaste foam sit in your mouth for a few minutes before rinsing
  • Floss well after brushing and rinse thoroughly afterward
  • Don’t eat anything after brushing and flossing before bed
  • Don’t floss or brush to rigorously, since it damages your soft gum tissue

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