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Dental hygienists make a big difference in your oral health

Dental hygienists make a big difference in your oral health

Let dental hygienists brighten your smile this prom season

In the season of prom, weddings, and endless dressing up, you cannot leave one very important detail out – your teeth. For who wants a permanent memorabilia of special occasions with a less-than-perfect smile? Worry no more and reach out to your dental hygienist. This is a prime must-do to prepare you for prom season. After all, these are once-in-a-lifetime events. You certainly want all details in place, including your pearly white teeth. So how can your dental hygienists help with that picture perfect smile for prom? What role do dental hygienists play in your oral health that dentists don’t have covered?

Dental hygienists and dental therapists are both specialists trained to work with dentists. In this regard, dental hygienists provide dental care to patients and assist in their treatment and oral care calendar. Given this role, dental hygienists play an important part in overall dental health care. Because the focus of dental hygienists is on preventive dental health care, they don’t normally get credit for the significance of their roles. You don’t recognize the the value of good teeth until you run into tooth decay and gum problems.

But do you realize that your dental hygienists are the ones who actually keep you from the perils of tooth decay and gum disease?

Dental hygienists guide you with correct home care that keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some of the main things they provide are the best ways to keep your teeth plaque-free. Plaque, that sticky substance that clings to your teeth as a result of food residue, are most definitely unwanted. This is because they are the culprits behind cavities and gum problems. Dental hygienists are the ones who perform oral prophylaxis. They remove plaque and tartar with the scale and polish method. Apart from this, they also provide the best advice about proper diet and prevention of tooth decay. Your dental health team is not complete without the expertise of dental hygienists.

Besides preventive oral health maintenance methods, dental hygienists also take dental x-rays. These dental x-rays help dentists diagnose problems with your teeth and gums. With the dental x-rays, your dentist determines the best possible treatment to administer to your teeth or gum problem. Along with dental x-rays, dental hygienists also place dental sealants. They also apply fluoride on teeth surfaces and administer fluoride treatments. Plus, with the dentist’s prescription, they can carry out teeth whitening procedures in the clinic.

With all these capabilities, dental hygienists indeed safeguard the teeth from potential problems.

This is the ultimate core of their training. They are skilled and trained to carefully remove hard deposits of tartar and plaque on teeth. Apart from performing the treatment, they also equip you with the knowledge and ability to keep plaque and tartar away. Their intervention and regular input on your overall dental health does a lot to slow and even stop any progress of tooth decay or gum disease.

By also being knowledgeable about the proper diet to preserve teeth and gums, they can empower you to make the right food choices. This helps keep your teeth and gums in top condition. Dental hygienists are all about preventive measures. These methods keep cavities and gum disease away. By regularly seeing your dental hygienist, you can be equipped with a strong oral health routine. Thus, you keep away tooth decay and gum problems. Then that means confidence with that perfect smile and fresh breath all year round.

What better way to bag that picture-perfect smile in prom pictures than to let your dental hygienist do his magic!

FAQ: What are the characteristics I should look for in a dental hygienist?
Well, there can be one too many qualified dental hygienists who have studied their way into the profession. How do you spot the best among the rest? First and foremost, excellent dental hygienists have excellent communication skills. They are able to articulate and explain procedures well. Therefore, this makes you confident that they know what they are doing. You also know that they are working towards the results you want. Second, they must generally be patient and empathetic. No one comes to a dental clinic for a check-up knowing all the hooks about dental health and procedures.

Competent dental hygienists understand this. So, they are patient and empathetic towards the apprehension of patients.

Third, dental hygienists must be detail-oriented. Since they work around details and very tight space, they must pay careful attention to details. Aside from this, they should possess superior dexterity. Failure in this aspect may defeat the purpose they serve for their patients. Lastly, good dental hygienists show up promptly with passion for the job. They largely educate their patients on prevention of dental problems. They cannot be successful at this without passion for oral hygiene and how to consistently maintain it. Passionate dental hygienists easily become inspiring role models for their patients. The inspiration becomes evident as patients modify their lifestyle and behavior towards better oral health.

What Des Moines Dental Group Says About Seeing a Dental Hygienist

Some of us have those pearly whites in the right place and with perfect brilliance. Still, others need to put some effort on achieving a great smile. Dental hygienists work hand in hand with dentists to keep everyone’s teeth in good shape. Especially this prom season, find time to visit your dental hygienist to achieve that picture-perfect smile in one of your memorable milestones. There is no one who can give you advice better than your dental health experts. Get seasoned advice and insights from the best dental hygienists in Iowa. Visit our Urbandale clinic or get an appointment at 2333 McKinley Ave Des Moines, IA 50321. Got any questions about oral health habits or need any help with what you have? Visit www.dmdentalgroup.com or call us at 515-512-5377 or 515-512-5339.

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