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Dental health month levels up awareness

Dental health month levels up awareness

Good oral health is a lifestyle all must keep up to

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. The purpose of dental health month is to raise awareness on the significance of oral health. Much of the focus is centered on children’s dental health. This celebration brings attention to consistently maintaining dental health in kids. Therefore, dental health month is celebrated annually. Tooth decay is the number one cause of oral health issues in children. It is a very manageable and preventable oral health issue. Hence, dental health month is targeted towards bringing this issue to attention. To this day, tooth decay remains to be the most common tooth problem in children and adults alike.

Dental health month brings light on this matter with safe and effective preventive measures to protect children’s teeth.

Dental health experts always encourage consistent good oral hygiene practices in children and adults alike. Thoroughly brushing teeth and using fluoride toothpaste can keep cavities away from teeth. Generally, this is doable even for little tykes. These days, more and more options in protecting teeth from decay have become available. For one, dental sealants for kids and adults can keep teeth from developing plaque in hard to reach areas. Besides that, water fluoridation is also easily available in communities now. These are all strategies that are aimed at preventing tooth decay.

Children’s dental health month hopes to draw attention to these very easy ways to prevent tooth decay.

In addition, children’s dental health month celebration comes in many events. These events all have one goal. The goal is to educate children and make them aware of the ways they can prevent tooth decay. Basically, the main purpose of dental health month is to educate children. Also, the goal is to help them love caring for their teeth. Moreover, other events tied with Children’s dental health month target the parents. Putting information out there of the process of tooth decay can lead to better awareness. Hopefully, this will lead to strengthening the will in parents to prevent tooth decay. In line with this goal, the American Dental Association has made information readily available. Therefore, educational materials on keeping teeth healthy are within reach.

Dental health experts partner with publishers to make books available to parents with infants or toddlers.

These books aim to shed light on the importance of baby teeth. It gives parents clear, tried, and tested tips on how to prevent tooth decay in early childhood. In addition, dental health experts want to highlight the necessary age one dental visit for toddlers. Essentially, dental health month provides a venue for experts to communicate these helpful information to parents.

Another important thing many do not know or realize the importance of is the option to get dental sealants. Dental sealants are wildly important especially for kids. If it is not 100% possible for adults to thoroughly clean teeth by brushing, imagine the challenge kids have. Children do need dental sealants. Because cavities can just settle in cracks, sealants keep them from settling in between cracks and lines on the surface of the teeth. For kids ages 6-14, it is crucial that they keep their teeth clean and healthy. Between these ages, permanent teeth begin to pop out.

So, one of the highlights of dental health month is to stress the importance of dental sealants.

In addition, teachers are very much part of the dental health month target partner against tooth decay. Teachers obtain helpful materials for use in classes of different levels. They also have curriculum supplements purely focused on oral health. More importantly, these materials include videos and games for school age kids. Hence, the campaign against tooth decay goes in partnership with teachers and schools.

This year, the American Dental Association appeals to everyone to defeat tooth decay. So, dental health month’s celebration goes on the entire February to gather all dental experts and partners. At this time, dental care professionals and health care providers partner with parents and educators. Their goal is to promote the ways towards excellent oral health.

In some states, dentists from all over celebrate dental health month by giving dental health care services to children for free.

With these events and month-long celebration of dental health month, kids should have a better chance at developing good oral care habits. Starting them at an early age helps them get a head start on a lifetime of maintaining healthy teeth. The goal is to make compliance to regular visits to the dentist less of a struggle. Hence, parents and children should not have the same struggle in checking this must-do off the list.

FAQ: What is the main goal of 2019’s dental health month?

The American Dental Association sponsors the dental health month mainly to increase people’s awareness of the joy in good oral health care. This remains the same focus for all the years that have passed and all the years to come. There are various campaigns that reach children and adult alike. But it is easy to take oral health benefits for granted. Then, you find yourself down with a bad tooth ache or a broken tooth. So, the purpose of celebrating dental health month annually is to inform and reinforce the message on good oral health regularly. Most importantly, the American Dental Association pours their information on the web. All of these are aimed at educating and inspiring kids to love and enjoy keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

What Does Moines Dental Group Say About Children’s Dental Health Month

It is difficult to keep children’s teeth perfectly clean and healthy. This goes the same for adults. A huge part of this lies in the lack of appreciation and realization of the relevance of good oral health. Therefore, the ADA and dental health professionals pursue these efforts annually. Their primary goal is to raise people’s level of awareness on good oral health. Ask the topnotch dental health experts in Iowa about how your teeth and gums are doing and what you can do to bolster their health. Visit our Urbandale clinic or get an appointment at 2333 McKinley Ave Des Moines, IA 50321. Got any questions about oral health habits or need any help with what you have? Visit www.dmdentalgroup.com or call us at 515-512-5377 or 515-512-5339.

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