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Dental Crowns will Look and Feel Exactly Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are artificial restoration implants that look exactly like a natural tooth. Crowns are a great way to restore your teeth, and often used for smile correction or mouth rehabilitation. Also, you need to be sure that the crown serves its cosmetic purpose.

Dental crowns have certain important oral health benefits, but are primarily a cosmetic procedure. Good quality crowns will not only fit perfectly, they will also match your natural teeth’s shape, size, color, and texture. It will also restore the patient’s biting function.

You may need a dental crown if:

  • You are missing a tooth due to breakage or decay
  • A tooth filling has become discolored or blackened
  • Root fillings need a cap to protect the remainder of the tooth
  • Dental crowns help keep dentures firmly in place

The dentist will use a special cement for fixing dental crowns and give them extra support. Hence, crowns can add support to artificial teeth by making it a part of a dental bridge.

The Best Quality Dental Crowns

There are several materials to make good quality crowns. In the past, they were either metallic or wooden depending on the money you spent. The bonding metals have to be inert noble metals like gold, silver, or copper to prevent rusting and infection. Even wooden crowns needed a bit of gold or silver to be permanently fixed.

Nowadays, most crowns are either porcelain or ceramic. However, gold or silver is still the best bonding material.

Porcelain crowns can be designed to look exactly like your natural teeth, and are less expensive than ceramic ones. However, you still need a metal filling to bind the crown your teeth. Porcelain-only dental crowns are available; but they’re not very strong, and hence not recommended.

Ceramic crowns on the other hand are just as strong as metal ones, and look just as natural as porcelain. Glass dental crowns are also quite popular as an affordable alternative to ceramic.

Implanting a Dental Crown Well

The process starts with the dentist cleaning the broken tooth, and cutting it down to the right shape. Obviously, this is not going to be the most pleasant experience, so bear with it! The dentist will then drill and appropriate hole into your tooth to create the bonding groove. This is where the metal will bond with your enamel to keep the crown permanently fixed.

The second step is designing and creating the dental crown itself. It is a very precise task, and dentists take various photographs of your other teeth to get it done right. Remember that the color of our teeth is just as unique as our skin tone. The porcelain or ceramic material needs to look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. Once the match is satisfactory, the dentist fixes the crown using cement, metal filling, or a combination of both.

Crowns typically last a lifetime. However, they might come loose in certain cases. The best way to avoid these problems is maintaining good oral hygiene.

Here are some tips to keep your dental crowns secure:

  • If the crown is new, avoid chewing hard foods like raw vegetables.
  • Brush and floss your teeth daily.
  • Don’t bite your nails or grind your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

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