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The Ultimate Revelation of Dental Checkup in Iowa in 3 Minutes

dental checkup myths and facts

It is tempting to skip a visit to the dentist now and then. But a year of neglect and no dentist intervention can be pretty fatal. At DM Dental, we really insist on regular dental checkup because your mouth is the centerpiece which contributes to the overall well-being of your body. Here is a quick checklist of facts and myths to ensure that regular oral health monitoring is a must.

1. Myth: Dental check-up appointments should be made every six months

Fact: For most people, this time period can be apt for a dental health check-up. But the duration normally depends on the intensity of your problem. Some people may need more frequent check-ups. Everything depends on your oral health and your propensity to infection. Ask our dentists how often you should visit.

2. Myth: Visiting a dentist is expensive

Fact: X-rays and dental check-up cleaning are mostly covered by your dental insurance. When you go for cosmetic dentistry, you might have some out-of-pocket expenses. In case you have a dental insurance plan with an out-of-pocket premium of $350, and you visit your dentist at least twice a year, you have a meager co-pay of $20.

As you look at the long-term benefits of regular dental health check-up there are too many. Your dentist will prevent the onset of many things like tooth decay and gum disease. Remember, if you are going for regular dental check-ups in Iowa, the decay may never have a chance to occur. You will also save the expense of filling. Fillings are not even permanent. You may need to replace it within 5 years depending on the extent of the damage.

3. Myth: Never had cavities as a child. Should not worry about cavities.

Fact: Although past experiences are often an indication of future problems, you cannot rely on this co-relation. There are many factors which contribute to cavities. Lifestyle, change in diet, and even medications can lead to cavities. Skipping a trip to the dentist’s chamber may not be in your best interest.

4. Myth: I just have a chipped tooth. /My tooth is just wobbly. /My gum bleeds just once a month. I still have time to visit the dentist.

Fact: Talk to your dentist about dental anxiety. At DM Dental, we work with you to make you comfortable during dental checkups in Iowa. We always ask our patients to speak out about the problems. Never postpone the treatment with the pretext that there is ‘no time for treatment’.

Tell us if you have noticed any sudden change in your gums, teeth or inside your mouth. You have your best shot at curing a problem if you speak openly when you visit your dentist. Early detection of pain, suspicious lump or unnecessary bleeding help to streamline treatment.

5. Myth: All wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Fact: If your wisdom tooth has erupted and is functioning without a problem, you should not bother about plucking it out. Forget about dental extraction pain if your wisdom tooth comes out without any obstruction.

6. Myth: Dental check-ups and dental exams are the same.

Fact: Often these two terms are used interchangeably. In our office, our dental hygienists at Iowa handle dental checkups. As a dental exam is more technical, it requires the skills of a dentist.

7. Myth: I can drink diet soda as it doesn’t contain sugar.

Fact: We are sorry to pop the bubble! Diet soda is acidic and eats into the enamel surface. As the enamel gradually weakens, you become prone to cavity formation. And your dental check-up cost just shoots up!

8. Myth: Smoking ONLY discolors teeth. There is no way, I will get cancer.

Fact: We are sorry to pop your bubble once again! Smokers experience more tooth decay and as a result, get more periodontal diseases. Obviously, you are at more risk of oral cancer.

Be it putting an overlay on teeth or teeth cleaning in Des Moines, we are one of the trusted names in dentistry in Iowa. 2020 is just a few days away. Take a pledge to start the new year with a solid dental checkup plan now.

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