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Debunk dental phobia and agonize no more about going to the dentist

Dental anxiety, the fear of seeing your dentist, should stop being a burden

While seeing your dentist isn’t exactly a walk in the park, it doesn’t have to be a horror show either. Some people may not even feel uneasy about a visit to the dentist. However, most folks tense up at the very idea of a dental check up. These people suffer from what dentists call ‘dental anxiety’.

Why does getting a dental checkup give us dental anxiety?

Let us investigate the root cause of this phobia that mostly affects toddlers and kids, but also a lot of adults. Dental anxiety is not classified as psychological condition. It is similar to a feeling of dread and helplessness some children feel when they face the school gateway. It can also be compared to the fear we feel when we’re late to an important meeting.

But why is the dentist so scary for most people?

First of all, most people do not know why they feel dental anxiety. Somehow, most of these fears are not realistic either. One of the most common reasons for dental anxiety would be the anticipation of pain. However, not all dental care procedures involve drilling or pain to the extent of root canals!

It isn’t every day you experience the rare pain in the gums we feel after an extraction. Then there’s the dread of injections or picking. Whatever your reason is for fearing that dental checkup, we all know the fear is totally irrational. However, it is a feeling almost impossible to overcome – even while sitting at the clinic.


The next thing you know, you are coming up with reasons not to go through with your dental appointment. This is the biggest harm that dental anxiety will cause.

Firstly, realize that the longer you put off that visit, the more complicated it gets. If you haven’t visited your dentist in a while, problems build up. A small dent on your enamel becomes a cavity, or a slight gum injury becomes an infection. Hence, don’t aggravate your problems by delaying your visit.

Secondly, your dental anxiety may affect your children. If you have an irrational fear of dentists, and discuss your fear in front of your children, they will pick it up. This might be a life-long problem for them.


Ways to ease your dental anxiety

Here are some things you can do to ease dental anxiety and even make visiting your dentist a breeze.

Talk to your dentist. Airing out your concerns will help alleviate that feeling. Once your dentist knows your fears, they will be able to help you find ways to ease your anxiety.

Ask your dentist to explain what is happening at every stage of the procedure. You can signal by raising your hand when you need the dentist to pause during the procedure. Also, breathe! Taking deep, regular breaths calms your mind and body. This will calm your nerves and help relax the rest of your muscles as well.

If distractions work for you, then distract yourself with what you enjoy. Listening to music that you like during the procedure is one of the most effective ways to prevent dental anxiety. The best dental clinics like the DM Dental Group has television sets in the waiting area. Watching a show while waiting for the dentist also helps calm your nerves.

The right dental team will care for your dental health, as well as your emotional state. Be at ease and get more tips from the best clinic in Iowa, the DM Dental Group.

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