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Debunk dental phobia and agonize no more about going to the dentist

Dental anxiety, the fear of seeing your dentist, should stop being a burden

While seeing your dentist may not exactly be a walk in the park it does not have to be such a horror either. Some of us may have never felt uneasy about a visit to the dentist, but there are those who tense up at the idea and suffer from dental anxiety.

Why do these dental checkups give us the jitters, dental anxiety?

Let us investigate the root cause of this phobia that exists not only in toddlers and kids, but also in a lot of adults. Why are we scared of the dentist? First of all, know that you are not alone. There are a ton of us all over the world who fear going to the dentist for various reasons. Somehow, one fear might be because you haven’t been to the dentist’s clinic for quite a while and you are worried what the dentist might find out.

Another reason could be anxiety over pain. It isn’t every day you experience that rare pain in the gums only felt when you have an extraction. Then there’s the dreaded injection you know might be inevitable depending on the reason for your dental visit. Well, whatever your reason is for fearing that dental checkup, the bottom line is you know the fear is totally irrational, but you feel it and cannot do much about it.


The next thing you know, you are coming up with reasons not to push through with your dental appointment. Spot on! Well, it is important to realize that the more you put off that visit, the greater the risk you are putting yourself in that will most probably make going to the dentist even more difficult.

You wouldn’t want dental anxiety, would you?

Here are some things you can do to ease the anxiety and even make visiting your dentist a breeze. First, talk to your dentist. Airing out your concerns will help alleviate that feeling. Once you know your dentist knows your fears, he/she will be able to help you determine ways to ease the anxiety.

If you fear loss of control, ask your dentist to explain what is happening at every stage of the procedure. You may even come up with signals such as raising your hand when you need the dentist to pause during the procedure. Next, breathe. Taking deep, regular breaths can calm you.

Count your breaths and inhale slowly. This will calm your nerves and help relax the rest of your muscles as well. If distractions work for you, then distract yourself. Listen to music that calms you. Some dental clinics even have television sets, so you can watch a show you like while the dentist works on the procedure.

Be assured that the right dental team will make sure both your dental and emotional health are taken care of. Be at ease and get more tips from the best in Iowa, DM Dental Group.

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