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Cosmetic Dentistry today guarantees perfect smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry today guarantees perfect smiles

Get rid of broken teeth and keep them looking perfect

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? Aren’t the teeth one of the first few features that capture attention where personal appearance is concerned? No wonder cosmetic dentistry has become so evolved in the past couple of years. Nowadays, cosmetic dentists have so many products and procedures made only for the enhancement of your smile. If you go to your dentist to have oral prophylaxis or a simple filling, you will find that more and more people go for cosmetic dentistry. This leads to the progressing trend of the demand for cosmetic dentistry. You will also see faster innovation in technology developed for cosmetic dentistry. The procedures and products that dentists can provide rapidly evolve.

The big question you now want to ask is…what is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental care method that focuses on improving or enhancing the appearance of the mouth, the teeth, and overall, the smile.

The procedures provide restorative benefits to worn teeth.

There are a lot of cosmetic dentistry procedures nowadays as the demands grow and the needs vary. Let’s find out more about some of them.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in great variety today. One of the common procedures you will get to know is dental bonding. A lot of people make do with chipped and broken teeth because the of the notion that they cannot be repaired. And if they can it costs an arm and a leg to have them fixed. Cosmetic dentistry becomes the solution to this problem. With dental bonding, dentists can restore chipped teeth and broken teeth. This procedure also allows dentists to fill gaps and reshape or recolor your teeth to produce the ideal healthy smile. Dentists use a tooth-colored resin to fill the gaps of the broken or chipped tooth.

Another option your dentist may offer is the dental bridge. Dental bridges narrow the gap between teeth. When you have an extraction, teeth naturally move as there is space from the missing tooth. This turns out to be a downside as it creates a gap between teeth as they move apart from each other. Dental bridges work against that. The dental bridge is the kind of cosmetic dentistry that narrows the gap created by the missing teeth.

Aside from this, dental bridges maintain the shape of your face and relieve the stress in your bite despite the missing teeth.

Another kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure is dental implants. Dental implants have become increasingly popular these days. As a missing tooth produces gaps when the remaining teeth move on the loose space on your gums, dental implants provide a great solution. Dental implants may be an option over dental bridges. Why? Because dental implants simply replace the missing tooth without having to apply pressure on the other teeth unlike what the dental bridges do. So you won’t need bridges to keep the teeth together.

You will simply need an implant on that one spot where you lost your tooth.

Enamel shaping is yet another kind of cosmetic dentistry. In this procedure, the dentist contours or shapes the enamel. The most common purpose is to improve the appearance of the tooth or remove any pointed, abrasive part of the tooth. The result is instant and the problem is fixed in one visit to your dentist.

Teeth whitening and bleaching also belong to cosmetic dentistry.

You know this process all too well. This is when the dentist provides a teeth whitening kit that you can take home after a few supervised whitening sessions. Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure to brighten stained teeth. This has become less costly as more and more dentists are now able to meet the demands for whitening. Apart from this, there are more options they can use for the teeth whitening procedure. The dentist may do all the whitening himself through multiple visits in the clinic or he may provide detailed instructions for you to do it yourself at home.

Dental veneers are also one common type of cosmetic dentistry. Just like dental bridges, dental veneers treat spaces between the teeth that are chipped, permanently stained, poorly shaped, slightly crooked, or just plain worn. The dentist makes custom-made shells made of tooth-colored materials. These shells cover the front side of the teeth.

Generally, those are the known types of cosmetic dentistry. Now let’s talk about benefits. If you are unhappy with your smile, one of these procedures we’ve mentioned might help. These options are elective and purely optional.

They are not mandatory or strictly necessary for your dental health.

So while your dentist won’t normally push for them, you may seek their advice for options suitable for your need and lifestyle. Cosmetic dentistry is no walk in the park. Dentists become specialists of these procedures. So you will also find that the cost is not the same as ordinary dental procedures.

FAQ: Is my investment on cosmetic dentistry really worth it?

Is it worth your investment? The answer will always be subjective, but here’s why our answer is a solid ‘yes!’. Although the primary purpose of cosmetic dentistry is aesthetic, it goes beyond your appearance. It impacts the overall quality of your life. You cannot measure the impact of great white teeth on the level it takes your confidence to. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry procedures can help prevent future damage in your teeth. Dental bonding strengthens your teeth. Worn edges do not help lengthen the life of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures applied on these help preserve the teeth longer and prevents further wear. As a result, this saves you a lot more money in the long run.

What Does Moines Dental Group Say About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Perfect teeth used to be so hard to achieve. Now, you have a wide variety of options to restore perfect teeth. Get advice on the appropriate procedure that your teeth needs. Ask the topnotch dental health experts in Iowa. Visit our Urbandale clinic or get an appointment at 2333 McKinley Ave Des Moines, IA 50321. Got any questions about oral health habits or need any help with what you have? Visit www.dmdentalgroup.com or call us at 515-512-5377 or 515-512-5339.

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