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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry with Medical Credit and Dental Insurance in Iowa

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry with Medical Credit and Dental Insurance in Iowa

Let’s clarify forthwith that you will be paying the full clinical bill without any medical or dental insurance. Iowa based Des Moines Dental Group has been serving patients for over 40 years. However, medical insurance has changed drastically over these years!

Over time, they have discovered the best ways to manage Cosmetic Dentistry bills. Unfortunately, most medical insurance schemes in the US don’t cover cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening or even regular check-ups.

The Different Formats of Dental Insurance in Iowa

Most medical policies in the US will only cover visits to emergency dentists. Unfortunately, healthcare policies do not cover other expensive procedures like adult braces, dental crowns, or veneers.

Enter the ‘Affordable Care Act’. Rather than simply pay for treatment, this national medicare scheme promotes better healthcare practices.

Under ACA policies, clinics like Des Moines Dental Group provide necessary treatment that’s covered by insurance up to 100%. This makes more sense medically than simply covering individual visits to an emergency dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like scaling and braces help you maintain general oral health. They reduce the need for spending on expensive procedures like root canals. For the insurance company, these cumulative costs are lower when patients are generally healthier.

Gradually, Insurers in the US are beginning to adapt to this new format of medical cover.

A visit to emergency dentists may run the clinical billing into the thousands. However, a simple cleaning procedure or check-up is usually less than $100. For companies providing dental insurance in Iowa (or elsewhere in the US) the ACA format is a better bargain.

Comparing Medical Credit to Dental Insurance

Iowa based health and wellness clinics often promote Medical Credit as a good investment. Medical credit accounts like Care Credit allow patients to pay for expensive procedures gradually. With such an account, people are less likely to ignore health care problems due to lack of expendable cash.

Out-of-pocket spending may prevent many people from making regular visits to a dentist. Obviously, emergency dentists from clinics like Des Moines Dental Group end up treating patients for severe dental problems.

Dentists may be running a profitable business, but they never want their patients to suffer. Also, they prefer to perform preventive dentistry rather than emergency surgery.

Medical credit accounts let a person borrow for medical bills at a very nominal rate of interest. This special credit account also covers some out-of-pocket costs beyond medical insurance. You need an ACA Mediclaim policy covering cosmetic dentistry and visits to emergency dentists.

Hence, if the Des Moines Dental Group compares between having medical credit or dental insurance in Iowa; they would advise you to get both –

  • A good insurance policy that covers a large portion of your medical expenses.
  • A medical credit account that lets you pay any out-of-pocket amount gradually.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Covered by Dental Insurance in Iowa

There are two distinct types of cosmetic dentistry. The ACA covers certain dental treatments like braces, cleaning, and scaling because they improve a person’s health.

However, truly ‘cosmetic’ procedures like fixing diastema or reshaping are not for better health. You would never get full coverage for these are beautification procedures.

The DM Dental Group recognizes that it’s difficult saving money on smile-makeovers or veneers. Only stand-alone dental plans will cover more than an emergency dentist’s bills.

Also, the cover on beauty treatments is typically only up to 50% of the bill. Therefore, clinics ask their patients to get a medical credit account to manage the excess amounts.

Here are some suggestions which might help you save on annual dental expenses –

1 – Get a Family Medical Plan: Family health policies in the US must provide full cover (even for cosmetic dentistry) for children under 18. This is also applicable for most employment medical schemes that cover dependents. Family dentists like the Des Moines Dental Group usually suggest that families with children get these wide-cover medical policies.

2 – Use the Full Extent of Your Annual Cover: Many people forget to use the full extent of their medical coverage. Even after expensive visits to emergency dentists, you should have some balance on your dental insurance annual policy limit. Check your insurance balance before the end of the year. At least get a some check-ups and tooth cleaning sessions to utilize your allotted budget.

3 – Present Dental Bills During Tax Returns: Even after ACA dental insurance, Iowa’s tax regulation provides full return on most medical bills. Your accountant will know which types of bills to claim for tax return. Tax regulations in Iowa may even allow you to file some cosmetic dentistry procedures for returns.

Popular clinics like Des Moines Dental Group always try to help their patients with dental insurance settlements. However, no clinic can help you claim a bill if your insurance policy doesn’t cover that category of treatment.

As costs of health care in the USA continue to rise, buying the right Mediclaim policy is a smart move. By paying a reasonable premium, you can avoid the pressure and crisis of facing a large bill. It is simply a matter of choosing the right medical or dental insurance policy under ACA regulations. You can find many such policies directly from the HealthCare.gov website.

The Des Moines Dental Group have been emergency dentists and pediatric specialists for over 40 years. Several families living near the Des Moines area trust their child’s dental care and long-term oral health to this clinic. This also includes orthodontic treatments like braces. Call us at 515-512-5339 or schedule your appointment online today.

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