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10 Secret Techniques to Have a Cavity-free Holiday

Cavity-free holiday for everyone

It’s Halloween; get your candy mode on!

It’s Christmas; a glass of good wine keeps your spirits high!

It’s New Year; end the year on a sweet note!

Hello, Holidays and goodbye good oral habits! We understand that it is impossible to resist sugary temptation during Holidays. So, we have prepared a cheat sheet which can help you to have a cavity-free holiday. A few precautions and you can still enjoy yourself during this Holiday season.

1. Go slow on hard candies during Halloween

A major cause of tooth cavity is hard candies; skip the candy canes and similar hard candies which you suck for a prolonged period. Sucking a candy or a lollipop means sugary substances will sit on your teeth and increase the risk of cavities.

avoid sweets for a cavity-free holiday

2. Time your sweets

Even if you plan to eat everything in moderation, it is easier said than done. One smart way to dodge the sweets and prevent cavities is to eat sweets with a bigger meal. Or you can eat them after a big meal. Saliva produced during meals limits the acidic content by sugary foods and protects your teeth.

3. Mix your sweets with healthy foods

We get it that it is the Holiday season and do not want to give up on a festive spread. But a good way to stop the dental cavity is not to miss out on your healthy foods. Fruits like strawberries, kiwis, and apples help to scrub your teeth. Natural fibers from the fruits mixed with saliva kill bacteria and rinse your mouth.

Some of the other food items which can work wonders to your mouth are sweet potatoes loaded with Vitamin A, yogurt packed with Vitamin D and helpful probiotics and avocados with high K.

Dental health improvement in Iowa

4. Your normal oral routine should not take a backseat

The late-night parties may leave you drained, but do not give up on your regular dental hygiene routine. It is easy to fall on the bed after a family get-together without brushing or flossing. Brushing your teeth will hardly take 2 minutes. Always remember those sweet treats won’t go easy on your tooth enamel at the end of the Holiday season.

5. Water can be your best friend

It is not easy to go for teeth cleaning after each sweet treat. An easy alternative is to drink a glass of water. Your mouth will be completely rinsed with water eliminating the sugar residue. As you are already indulging in sweets and alcoholic beverages, it is best to skip sodas and juices.

Drinking water is helpful to avoid cavities

6. Do not ignore a damaged tooth

If your teeth are prone to infection, do not make the situation worse by consuming more sugar. Any kind of gum infection should not be ignored. Consult your dentist immediately if there is any indication of an oral problem.

You can also ask your dentist about dental sealants which can be applied to chewing surfaces of molars to protect them from destruction. Or you can also ask about fluoride supplements which protect the teeth.

7. Know your cavities

Depending on the extent of damage, cavities can be classified into several types. To understand these types, you need to know about tooth anatomy. The calcified enamel on the outer side protects the softer portion called dentin in the inside. Inside the dentin, you will find the most vulnerable portion which includes blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues.

  • Severe: Most severe among the types of cavities, this condition normally affects the innermost portion of your teeth
  • Advanced: It is less damaging than severe conditions, but affects the dentin badly
  • Moderate: Cavities normally reach halfway through enamel but does not affect the dentin border
  • Incipient: Known as the least damaging among cavity types, this occurs when the damage reaches to tooth enamel

8. Green tea helps!

This not only helps when you are trying to lose weight, but green tea is known to have a cooling effect on your oral health. It also destroys the harmful bacteria hiding inside the mouth. And when you are having green tea, do not add sugar to it.

green tea helps to get rid of cavities

9. Know your way through tooth cavity pain

Medicated ointments, clove oil, and peppermint tea can bring temporary relief from tooth cavity pain. But, always remember that it is your dentist who can help you in the long run.

10. Go for a post-Holiday checkup

Even if you miss your regular dental check-ups, you cannot miss your post-Holiday appointment in your dentist’s chamber. Schedule an appointment with our dentists at DM Dental and get tour teeth checked today!

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