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The Best Toothbrushes for Better Dental Hygiene According to Dentists in Iowa

Best Toothbrush for You According to Expert Dentists in Iowa

It is very important for each person to identify the best toothbrush according to their type of teeth and gums. While dentists in Iowa like the Des Moines Dental Group provide complete clinical care, dental health is a personal responsibility.

However, good dental hygiene is not simply about brushing twice a day or flossing properly.

The best toothbrush for you depends on the structure of your teeth and the health of your gum tissue. A proper dentist will also consider other factors like missing teeth or sensitive infections. However, the best dentists in Iowa can easily prescribe the kind of toothbrush suits you most.

The Best Toothbrush for Great Dental Health

We are not speaking about popular dental hygiene brands here. The ‘best toothbrush’ for you would clean your teeth, while not hurting your gums. This is very important for long-term dental health that people tend to forget easily.

Our gums bruise easily because of the soft and vascular tissue. However, for healthy people, this tissue also repairs itself quite quickly. Unfortunately, regularly brushing with hard brushes may not give your gum tissue the necessary time to recover.

The top dentists in Iowa like the Des Moines Dental Group suggest choosing your toothbrush based on

  • Age and Gender: Children and aged people should always use soft brushes since their gums are especially vulnerable. Women should either use soft or medium brushes since their gum tissue is generally a bit more delicate than men. The best toothbrush for men would either be medium-hard or hard, depending on how healthy their gums are. However, dental health professionals typically suggest avoiding hard brushes unless you are a heavy smoker or have especially stained teeth.
  • Oral Health: If you take care of your dental hygiene on a regular basis, you don’t need special brushes. However, the Des Moines Dental Group and other good dentists in Iowa often prescribe special toothbrushes. Dentists may even ask you to shift to electronic toothbrushes if your brushing technique is not proper. Rigorous brushing over years can cause receding gums even in healthy people! Also, you need special brushes if you have any oral infections like thrush or cold-sores.

Different Types of Toothbrushes

When discussing the best toothbrush for you, we can’t overlook the different kinds of toothbrushes available. Constant advertising and branding by the top dental hygiene brands can also confuse you.

We all know about the classic toothbrushes made of plastics or rubber-like materials. Some have flexible necks, while others have specially arranged bristles. These are basic toothbrushes and are the generic term for any ‘standard’ oral care brushes available in stores.

However, there are so many other types of toothbrushes to help you maintain great dental health –

  • Electronic Brushes: Many clinical dentists in Iowa these days ask their patients to shift to electronic brushes. This is because a good electronic toothbrush can clean twice as effective at the same time. Also, since takes almost no effort to brush using these, they mean better dental hygiene for aged or infirm people. Children also find electronic brushes to be a novelty and find special interest in their regular dental health routine.
  • Chewable Brushes: Recently, many patients at the Des Moines Dental Group have reported using these disposable toothbrushes. They are not the best toothbrush by far but have their uses. The brushing ‘head’ is usually of select non-toxic polymers or silicone materials. Also, Chewable brushes may have a flavored brushing head. However, they are convenient to travel with and are sometimes available through bathroom vending machines.
  • End-Tuft Brushes: These are some of the best toothbrushes to clean hidden corners. They are especially necessary if you wear any orthodontic structures like braces. These brushes have a small rounded head, and usually, have seven tightly packed tufts of soft nylon bristles. End-Tuft brushes can effectively help clean those hard-to-reach spaces like behind the last molar or crowded teeth.

How Dental Hygiene Improves When You Use the Best Toothbrush

Leading dentists in Iowa like the Des Moines Dental Group often ask their patients to change their toothbrush. They might ask you to buy a specific design from a specific brand. However, this is not in favor of the company. It is the best toothbrush for your specific dental health needs.

There are several ways in which the wrong toothbrush can cause long-term damage to your teeth and gums. However, it is also important to know how your dental hygiene can improve with the right kind of toothbrush. Let’s take a quick look at some of these benefits of using the proper brush –

The Best Toothbrush Suits the Shape of Your Teeth

The best toothbrush always suits the shape of your teeth. The Des Moines Dental Group always prescribes brushes according to the shape and size of your teeth. A brush that is too big would not clean between your teeth. Similarly, a brush that is too small will not effectively clean adult teeth.

Use the Right Kind of Toothpaste for Dental Health

Dentists in Iowa may prescribe medicated toothpaste if you need one. Good toothpaste usually contains Fluoride Salts. These are especially great for your daily dental hygiene. Fluorine helps reduce the bacterial presence and cleans tooth stains easily. However, only use the kind of toothpaste suggested by your dentist.

Your Brushing Technique is Just as Important as Your Brush

For truly healthy teeth, even the best toothbrush isn’t enough. The Des Moines Dental Group always emphasizes that proper brushing technique is vital for dental health. Keep your brush as a 45 angle, and brush rhythmically for 2 minutes, twice a day. Focus at least 30 seconds cleaning the inner and outer surface of all four groups of teeth.

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