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The Best Mouthwash for Proper Dental Hygiene

best mouthwash

Most of us identify brushing and flossing as the most important aspects of proper dental hygiene. However, your dentist should also tell you how important rinsing is. In fact, the best mouthwash is often a simpler way to good oral hygiene and healthy teeth.

While we shouldn’t brush or floss more than twice a day, we must rinse after every meal. Experts from the Des Moines Dental Group suggest rinsing at least four times with the best mouthwash. However, knowing your mouthwash is just as important as using it regularly.


What is the Importance of Using the Best Mouthwash?

Human beings have probably used mouthwashes even before brushing. There have been different historical accounts about special mixtures to rinse with. In more ancient times, physicians prescribed some rather strange ingredients for healthy teeth. However, some plants like Peppermint and Aloe Vera are still used for proper dental hygiene today.

These days, there are several types of medical mouthwashes in the market. Some are extremely strong, and not suitable for children. Others come in great flavors that children like. However, medicated types are categorized according to their use. This is why your dentist selects the best mouthwash after considering several factors.  If you require any such medicated wash, please follow the prescription. A mild wash will not heal the problem, and a stronger one might aggravate the issue.


Remember that not every mouthwash in the market will be the best mouthwash for you! Some stronger kinds may not be suitable if you have open sores or ulcers in your oral tissue. You should always ask your dentist about which mouthwash is best your oral hygiene. Dentists at the Des Moines Dental Group also suggest that Fluoridated water is often the simplest mouthwash.


The primary action of a good mouthwash is to deter bacterial growth. This is the key to proper dental hygiene. The active ingredients in the wash will increase your oral Ph level. Your mouth will become unsuitable for bacterial build up. Over this, some medicated mouthwashes may also have teeth whitening properties. However, do note that many medicated types of mouthwash have very specific uses.

While daily brushing and flossing also clean bacterial growth, we only brush twice a day. We cannot brush or floss more often because of the friction damage to our gums and enamel. However, rinsing several times a day is the most effective way to improve oral hygiene and have healthy teeth.


 Making the Best Mouthwash at Home

DIY teeth whitening is NOT healthy. People who scrub lemon juice or scale their teeth at home are severely damaging their teeth and gums. However, you can make a healthy mouthwash for proper dental hygiene at home.

However, the Des Moines Dental Group also knows how people can end up using the wrong home remedy. It is risky to mix ingredients without understanding the science.

Although clinics like the Des Moines Dental Group always prescribe medicated mouthwashes, some home remedies do work. Remember that healthy teeth and gums come after lifelong care. These mixtures might not be the best mouthwash but should improve your oral hygiene just the same.

There are several combinations for these DIY mouthwashes. You can also add flavors you want to make it the best mouthwash for your tastes. However, it is very important to remember that these aren’t medicated. These rinses will be fine for people with naturally healthy teeth and gums. But for any kind of severe oral diseases, these home remedies won’t do much good.


Aloe Vera is Awesome for Oral Hygiene

Aloe Vera has been regarded as an important ingredient in many ancient medicines. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties and will help proper dental hygiene. Aloe Vera has antifungal and antiseptic properties as well. This means that it will help you recover from smaller sores or cracks on your oral soft tissue. Also, it is a plant you can easily grow at home. To make the best mouthwash at home, mix some peppermint essence with Aloe Vera juice.


Calcium Carbonate Guarantees Healthy Teeth

Calcium Carbonate or Baking Soda has mineral properties that strengthen and whiten your teeth. People often use it from brushing as a part of DIY tooth whitening. You can use moderate amounts of baking soda in your mouthwash for proper dental hygiene. However, remember that Baking Soda loses most active chemical properties soon after mixing it with other ingredients. To use Calcium Carbonate as the best mouthwash, you need to make a fresh batch every day.


Lemon Juice Mouthwashes for Proper Dental Hygiene

Lemon juice is also great for oral hygiene in moderate quantities. It cleanses your enamel and deters bacterial growth. However, you can only use very small amounts of lemon juice in your homemade mouthwash. Too much lemon juice will damage your taste buds and is very harsh on your soft tissue. The Des Moines Dental Group has treated several patients who have misused lemon juice for DIY teeth whitening. Also, like baking soda, lemon juice quickly loses its chemical potency.


Vodka is the Best Mouthwash for Many Adults

Now for the fun part! At the Des Moines Dental Group, we like to give our patients a bit more than just medical advice. Fortunately for those of us fond of alcohol – Vodka makes an excellent mouthwash! In fact, most medicated mouthwashes do have some alcohol content. Hence, you must be careful about what your child rinses with. However, the news that a little Vodka after lunch means healthy teeth should be something to celebrate. Cheers!

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