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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Gone are the days when dentistry was all about extraction of teeth and/or filling them in. Now there is cosmetic dentistry, which involves elective procedures that improve the aesthetic appeal of teeth and the mouth in general. This includes straightening, lightening, reshaping, and repairing teeth. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures also contribute to solving oral problems like bite.

Crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, tooth-colored fillings, and teeth whitening are some of the different ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your look and smile.

A few of the different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

Inlays and onlays: These are indirect fillings, used when teeth are moderately decayed or enough of the tooth is not left for filling. If there is no damage to the cusp of the tooth, then the inlay can be placed directly onto the tooth. If the cusp of the tooth is damaged or a large part of it is missing, then an onlay is placed on the tooth’s surface to cover it.

Composite bonding: Composite bonding is a procedure that involves repairing a damaged, decayed, or discolored tooth using material the color of teeth. First, the dentist will drill the decayed portion of the tooth out. Then, a composite will be applied onto the surface of the tooth. It is then sculpted into the shape of the older tooth and cured with a high-intensity light.

Dental veneers: Dental veneers are made from medical-grade ceramic to resemble the teeth of each patient. These are used to cover crooked or cracked teeth. These can also be useful when the enamel is damaged or there are gaps between teeth that are noticeable.

Teeth whitening: At DM Dental, we offer teeth whitening services after a checkup. A bleaching tray is filled with gel and it is then fitted over the teeth. The gel has carbide peroxide that breaks down and oxygen is released which then penetrates the enamel. According to our dentists, these trays are to be kept in the mouth for 15 minutes, twice a day.

Implants: If there is tooth loss for any reason, dental implants are the reasonable option. A small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw where the tooth used to be. This is called a post and serves as a support for the crown which is to be placed there later. The bone and tissue that surround the implant eventually fuse with it giving it the support it needs. These also look just like natural teeth.

Contouring and reshaping: Dentists sometimes use a drill or a laser to smooth out teeth and reshape them. This helps if someone has crooked or uneven teeth.

Bleaching: Teeth get discolored for various reasons. Beverages like coffee, tea and smoking cause discoloration. It could also be hereditary or due to getting older. Some people bleach their teeth to get rid of stains or just to get whiter teeth.

Besides these, there are tooth-colored fillings, clear orthodontic aligners, and cosmetic gum surgery. All of these help in improving the appearance of teeth and mouth.

The price of cosmetic dentistry and related procedure is on the high side. Also, it is not common for insurance to cover cosmetic dentistry costs. Consult your local dentist to find out how costs vary. DM Dental is one of the leading dental clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry in Des Moines. Call us today for consultation or to find out more about cosmetic dentistry.

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