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Aesthetic dentistry is no longer beyond your reach

Aesthetic dentistry is no longer beyond your reach

Smile your best at prom with the help of aesthetic dentistry

Time and time again, a timeless, nagging concern of millions on their teeth come up. You guessed it right – how to keep teeth white or how to recover white teeth. Dental discoloration of various degrees have caused less-than-confident smiles. What a shame when these smiles could actually still be brilliant. Although unpopular a long time ago, aesthetic dentistry has gained more and more confidence from dental patients. This is mainly due to the better and less pricey teeth whitening options people have today compared before.

Because once upon a time, all forms of aesthetic dentistry cost an arm and a leg.

What a relief this is indeed! It is only right that you put confidence back to that smile as you look forward to the big events lined up this year. There’s prom, a wedding here and there, someone’s eighteenth birthday, and the list can just go on! It would not be right to have trouble with your smile when these big events call for pictures. A snapshot that makes moments permanent can go a long way! Your dentist can definitely make a well-studied comparison of how much aesthetic dentistry have improved. Today, you can easily brighten your teeth with a guided process from your dentist.

You do not have to keep going back to the dentist’s clinic to get that smile makeover in time for prom.

What are today’s dental whitening trends and which option suits your need for dental whitening? Well, the causes determine the trends. Whatever the causes are dictate what methods dentists administer to whiten teeth. See, even those who religiously brush, floss, and visit the dentist may find their teeth with a certain shade less than white. Food, environmental factors, and most importantly, the wear and tear from time are a few known causes. Luckily, the teeth’ natural radiance can now easily be restored through aesthetic dentistry. Teeth whitening has long been known to effectively lighten teeth.

These days, there are more teeth whitening options than ever before.

Not counting the many over-the-counter teeth whitening and teeth bleaching products, there are also many options your professional dental care experts can recommend. Supervised treatment poses less-to-no risk than if you self prescribe. The results are more reliable and studied. Many dentists who studied aesthetic dentistry offer treatment in the office and at home nowadays. This works perfectly and just in time for prom season. How ready are you for picture perfect smiles made permanent in photos of these big events?

Since proms and weddings are events that call for a little extra, reliable aesthetic dentistry procedures are what you need.

In most cases, teeth whitening and bleaching are used interchangeably. However, to be accurate, teeth whitening refers to any process or product that removes debris and particles that cause teeth to appear a darker shade. Teeth bleaching, on the other hand, uses a product that lightens teeth beyond the natural shade. This process uses bleach to penetrate the enamel and break apart chemical bonds between stains on the teeth. Ultimately, this gets rid of the stains and gives you a bright smile for prom and wedding season!

Because aesthetic dentistry through teeth whitening is low-risk, it is suitable for a lot of patients. Patients who have mild to moderate discoloration would normally need a simple teeth whitening procedure. Remember that the process of teeth whitening involves only the surface of the teeth. If the stain is in the underlying layers of the tooth, teeth whitening may not be the right fix. Talk to your dentist to determine the right solution for your teeth.

For in-office treatments, expect the most dramatic results of aesthetic dentistry.

Your dentist sees to the details of your teeth and entire mouth. Prior the teeth whitening process, your dentist will clean your teeth and gums. During the process, your teeth will be completely free from particles and bacteria. Hence, the whitening agent your dentist will apply will run interference with no particle on your teeth’s surface. Your dentist will then evenly apply the whitening gel evenly on all surfaces. In this process, there is so much precision involved. This attention to detail makes sure that the results appear natural and seamless. Also, the dentist wants to make sure the whitening gel does not touch your gums. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good.

Some dentists would send you take-home whitening trays. At home you can perform the routine touch-ups without going back to the dentist’s clinic. Now is a great time to invest in your smile. With prom and weddings here and there, you had better look your utmost best! What better way to do that than to display a brilliant smile?

FAQ: How long with my teeth whitening results last?

Results vary for each patient. Eventually, stains will reappear. This will still depend on your dental health routine, diet, and lifestyle. The frequency of undergoing touch up treatments may be necessary if you smoke or consume stain-producing food and drink.

What Des Moines Dental Group Says About Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry procedures performed in the clinic or at home are effective and safe with the guidance of a dental professional. Your dentist is still your go-to person for even the tiniest decision on which whitening gel to get. Find out what your dentist recommends for this season of prom and weddings. Get sound advice and insights from the best dental experts in Iowa. Visit our Urbandale clinic or get an appointment at 2333 McKinley Ave Des Moines, IA 50321. Got any questions about oral health habits or need any help with what you have? Visit www.dmdentalgroup.com or call us at 515-512-5377 or 515-512-5339.

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