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As your complete solution for dental care, we are happy to serve you. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a returning patient, we pride ourselves on providing you with a family-friendly practice while using the most up-to-date technology in the dental industry. For everything from periodontal treatments to dental implants to cosmetic surgeries and more, our team of skilled and highly experienced dentists have you covered.

We Make Children Smile

A child’s first dental appointment should be a positive experience. Here at our Des Moines Dental Clinic, it is our job to help calm a little one’s anxiety while educating them on proper dental care. We accomplish this by explaining what each tool or machine does before we use it and we answer questions as they arise. Engaging children in the process, building trust and satisfying their curiosities are but a few of the many ways that we help shape the way that children view dental care and future dentist examinations.

Adults Love Us, Too

In addition to providing preventative dentistry and a full range of treatments and repairs, we also specialize in cosmetic dentistry. From teeth whitening to new veneers, adult patients from all over Des Moines and surrounding areas know that we are a one-stop shop for quality dentistry. We cater to your every dental need with professional care, personal interaction and a friendly atmosphere.

Superior Care in Three Locations

With multiple locations to serve you, Des Moines Dental Group Dentists provides flexible appointment times and we even offer evening hours. Emergency dental care is also available to ensure that you are in the best hands whenever you need us. We are here for you and your family, so select one of our convenient locations and schedule an appointment today.


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I will be going back!!! I actually enjoyed a trip to the dentist for the first time. Dr. Cram was attentive to my request and fixed me right up. I will be going back!!!
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